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Find the Asian Adventure to Match your Astrological Sign (Part 2)


Where to travel based on your zodiac sign (Part 2)

We hope you enjoyed last week’s 6 recommendations for astrological adventures in Asia. And we are pleased to continue the journey on this path for the people who are born under the latter 6-star signs. Without further ado, scroll down to see where you should consider heading based on your zodiac sign.

Libra – Satri House, Luang Prabang, Laos

Libra is the sign of value balance, peace, and harmony. Libran’s like to roam and follow their curiosity. They love to meet people and connect with locals when travelling. History and culture fascinate them. Libra is ruled by Venus, which explains why they are hopeless romantics who cannot resist beautiful things. Because Libra is an intellectual air sign, Librans are also great thinkers and appreciate anything that is thoughtful and well-made. For these reasons, Satri House in Luang Prabang is a perfect destination for Librans.

Satri House was built as a family home in 1904 by the parents of the Red Prince, Prince Souphanouvong, who became the first President of Lao People’s Democratic Republic. This French colonial style residence has 28 suites and guestrooms that feature sophisticated handcrafted wood furniture, oversized balconies, and spacious bathrooms. Facilities include a restaurant, garden bar, library, outdoor swimming pools, delightful spa and just the most perfect location to enjoy and explore one of Asia’s most beautiful heritage towns, Luang Prabang.


Scorpio – Bari Kothi, West Bengal, India

Scorpios are brave, deep, and enigmatic individuals. Their ideal holidays are the ones that can move them emotionally. Scorpios can find the art in almost anything and they are curious about everything. We think Scorpios will appreciate somewhere where the power to survive and thrive through difficult times has created a place with a rich, deep personality. We know just the place for a heady personality like Scorpios.

Built in 1774, Bari Kothi is the ancestral house of the Sheherwali Dudhoria family. It is Murshidabad’s first ever restored heritage hotel. This 15-suite heritage property, located a few hours’ drive from Kolkata, in rural Bengal is set on the banks of the Hooghly River. The property is one of the most architecturally significant palaces in the region. Bari Kothi understands hospitality having been a royal family home for more than 250years, they truly know how to define timeless luxury.


Sagittarius – The Bagh Kanha, Madhya Pradesh, India

Sagittarians are the natural born travellers of the zodiac. As truth-seekers, they are prone to fly off to exotic locations when the mood strikes. Forget the weekend getaway, Sagittarian travellers need all-encompassing, deep-dive adventures to entertain their restless spirits. We know Sagittarians love the wild things, whether that means camping under the stars, exploring the deep blue ocean, exploring gritty urban scenes, or all of the above. The world is their oyster. And we have a very dynamic destination to offer our Sagittarian friends.

Set in the heart of Central India, this relaxing 24-room forest retreat is a gateway to Kipling’s famous forests, rolling hills and tribal villages. It is located just 15 minutes away by car from Mukki Gate in Kanha National Park, and is one of India’s largest tiger reserves. Guests can witness Indian wildlife firsthand with the lodge’s naturalists. The abundance of bird species also make it an ideal place to go bird watching. Besides wildlife, visitors will also have the opportunity to take a closer look into the life and culture of Central Asia’s indigenous tribes.


Capricorn – Manukan Island Resort, Manukan Island, Malaysia

The work-hard, play-hard Capricorns are determined and ambitious people who tend to be very detailed and prefer order and organization in all they do. But they do also know how to party like a rock star and have a keen interest in indulgent luxury and classic elegance. Whether it’s the hotel, champagne, or anything in between. As the most hard-working sign in the zodiac, Capricorns deserve a holiday more than any other.

So, we are sending our Capricorns off to Manukan Island Resort. Situated 15-minutes by boat from Kota Kinabalu, this resort is located on the second largest island in the stunning Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park. Surrounded by a protected coral reef, a pristine rainforest and beautiful white sand beaches, it offers endless water activities including diving, snorkelling, and glass-bottomed boat rides. The resort features an outdoor pool, a restaurant, and spacious beach villas with private terraces that overlook the South China Sea.



Aquarius – Rimba Orangutan Eco Lodge, Borneo, Indonesia

Aquarians are known to be independent, and this air sign needs travel plans that let them beat to their own drum. They seek a destination that will give them mental stimulation and the ability to connect with something unfamiliar. Aquarians are free-roamers at heart. They tend to be curious beings who enjoy a holiday where they can get close to nature and go exploring. They often feel a deep connection to nature and wildlife. Without any doubt, Rimba Lodge is the most suitable place for Aquarians.

This eco-friendly inn features several adjoining elevated pavilions, which are perched over the gently flowing Sekonyer River on the edge of Borneo’s pristine rainforest of the Tanjung Puting National Park. This remote retreat is only accessible via a traditional Klotok river boat. Walkways join the 35 comfortable air-conditioned guestrooms, and the restaurant, reception area and lounge all blend naturally into the surrounding jungle. Guests will wake up each day to the sounds of birds, gibbons, and macaque monkeys. On occasion, orangutans can be seen roaming around the lodge. Most evenings, a family of proboscis monkeys will settle above the lodge in the trees to sleep. The unique location offers excellent access to see orangutans in the wild and visit feeding stations situated within the national park. The park is also home to several other primate species, and a wide array of birds that dwell within this lush rainforest. A nature lovers paradise without compare in Asia.


Pisces – Slow Villas, Gili Islands, Lombok, Indonesia

Pisceans are old souls, spiritual seekers and romantics. They love a good dose of things cosmic. Their mental health is dependent on inner reflection and the search for spiritual calm. A complete recalibration of mind and body with a spa or lake nearby for primal re-birthing is holiday bliss to this fishy sign.

Our suggestion for our Piscean friends is set in the middle of beautiful Gili Air. This small island paradise features 10 contemporary, Balinese style luxury villas, each with its own private swimming pool. Created by three Belgium friends, Slow’s concept is based on the slow spirit (slow cooking, slow moving, slow stretching) complemented by a range of activities including diving, snorkelling, kitesurfing, swimming with sea turtles (the Gili Islands are known as turtle heaven) yoga, pilates, zumba lessons, golf, and trekking. The peaceful serenity at this resort is complemented by the use of traditional architecture, constructed almost entirely from natural, locally sourced materials and built around the natural elements, thus recalling Slow’s philosophy. The treatments, massages, facials, treatments for hands and feet and therapy through movements, are consistent with Slow’s wellness belief. The perfect Secret Retreat for Pisceans and those seeking spiritual relaxation and deep, sincere wellness in a tropical island paradise, we think so.


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