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A Thought for Nepal


Bangkok May 28th 2015

We are all aware of the recent events that have devastated the public image of Nepal.
At Secret Retreats, we can say that our friends and new members at Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge have been unaffected. But others have not been so lucky…yet, only 6 of 75 districts have been affected; the majority of hotels, trekking routes, cultural sights, wildlife safaris are open for tourism and safe for travel.

We each have our own respective knowledge of Nepal – our notions of natural beauty, the gentle, colourful people, the wonderful traditions, the seat of Buddhism…

While international relief efforts work on the ground today, we must also consider what can be done in the mid-term.

You are the voices of the travel media cross Asia.

As tourism is a major industry of Nepal, we would like to suggest that we support our friends through positive messages, rather than focus on disaster. Collectively, we have the ability to promote all the wonderful reasons travelers should again journey to Nepal. We believe this is how we can support the Nepalese efforts to get back on their feet.

It will take time to rebuild, however spreading the right message will bring with it confidence, not just pity. Nepali people are optimistic by nature, so we can help them look towards a brighter future rather than the difficulties of the past.

We hope through your words and writing you will consider ways to support Nepal as a tourist destination.

Encourage travel following the monsoon season. September is a great time to enjoy Nepal when the land is lush and green. Tourism is key to supporting Nepal’s recovery.

You have the power to provide hope for a greater future.

With thanks,

Your friends and community across Asia, Secret Retreats.

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