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Tried and True: 10 Reasons to Go With a Honeymoon Registry

By Claire Aven – source

Wanderable is a new kind of honeymoon registry that lets you register for experiences over things. Riding elephants in Thailand? No problem. Sunbathing in the Caribbean? You got it. Wanderable has over 2,500 experiences in 180 different cities to choose from for your dream honeymoon. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram to learn more.

Is your apartment teeny tiny? Do you own more pots and pans than you know what to with? Then maybe a traditional registry just isn’t for you. Instead, consider creating a honeymoon registry! If you’re not familiar with this alternative registry, don’t worry; our friends over at Wanderable have made it extremely easy for you to put one together. They have hotels, activities, and tours galore. So whether you’re headed to New York for a foodie tour or to the coast of Bali for a week of relaxation, here are 10 reasons why you should consider a honeymoon registry.

  1. It’s SO much better than asking for cash. Asking your guests to give you straight monies isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do from an etiquette standpoint. But what else are you supposed to do when you just don’t want a stand mixer or new bath towels? The honeymoon registry helps you save face by disguising your request for financial support for your post-wedding trip; instead you’re asking for specific experiences and opportunities that your guests will be excited to help pay for. They can still send you payment via cash or check if they’d like, but you never had to explicitly ask for it! Wanderable even gives your guests the option to have their gift professionally printed and gift wrapped, so they’ll really feel like they’re giving you a tangible gift. WANDERABLEMAIN (1)All photos from Wanderable
  2. Your guests will get to know you as a couple. Sure, most people on your guest list probably know you or your partner on some level. But your dad’s golf buddies and your new co-worker may not know much about the two of you together all that well. A honeymoon registry lets everyone see what you like to do as a couple, whether that’s participating in daring adventures, eating good food or learning all about French wines. Plus, with Wanderable’s five customizable (and totally cute) layouts, you can tell your guests why you decided to honeymoon in Italy or Jamaica.
  3. Your guests can play a hand in building your dream vacation. Maybe your college roomie’s new boyfriend spent a year working in Japan or your childhood neighbor vacations in St. Lucia every summer. You never know what tips and ideas your nearest and dearest have until you ask! One of the nice things of making a honeymoon registry with Wanderable is that they allow guests to include tips with their gifts. They can share their thoughts on the best places to dine, the must-visit museums, and any other can’t miss experience in the location of your choice.
  4. You’ll make a lasting memory. While a salad bowl and wine decanter are great gifts, and you’ll definitely use them throughout your marriage, experiential-based gifts are something you’ll remember forever. You’ll cherish those photos from that amazing sunset in Greece, that selfie you took while wine tasting in Spain, and the memories of that afternoon you spent llama trekking in New Zealand.
  5. You can do things you never thought possible. Have you always wanted to learn how to roast your own coffee? Or have you dreamed of dinner in the Eiffel Tower? Wanderable has a long list of tours and activities that will cover everything you can think of…and then some. You may even be inspired to expand the realm of possibilities.
  6. You don’t have to stress out over travel details. While planning a wedding is full of challenges, planning a honeymoon is its own beast. From researching your final destination to picking out the must-visit restaurants and scouting out the best beaches, there’s a lot to keep in mind as you pull together this epic vacation. With Wanderable’s curated experience network at your fingertips, the legwork is already taken care of for you. All you have to do is click and add! Want an even more customized experience? They have Travel Specialists on staff to help you build a once-in-a-lifetime trip.
    7. You’ll minimize the chances of a random off-registry gift. Chances are your guests will stick to what you asked for on your registries, but some people feel the need to go rouge and get something super creative (aka something you didn’t ask for). Creating a honeymoon registry reduces the risk of those unwanted gifts because your guests will feel inspired to get you something extra special, whether it’s the adapters you’ll definitely need or a 45 minute photo shoot in Florence that you just really, really want.
    8. You won’t get unwanted duplicate items. When you build a traditional registry, you probably explicitly asked for ONE crystal vase and EIGHT of those cute dinner plates. Usually you only get what you asked for, but every once in a while, you end up with more oven mitts than you know what to do with. When you register for experiential gifts, you’ll probably WANT to sign up for that second in-room massage or an extra bottle of bubbly for the room.
    9. You can “go big” without feeling guilty. Your honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime trip, so don’t hesitate to ask for whatever your heart desires. If you want a $200 underwater camera or a $60 beer tasting class, add it to the list. Just be sure to include a range of price points so that everyone on your guest list can give you something. Worried you won’t get anything you ask for? One Wanderable couple decided to go to Tanzania for their honeymoon, and added over $10,000 worth of experiences to their registry. And guess what? They got every last item on their wish list! Hey, it never hurts to ask…
    10. Those thank you notes will be a cinch. Writing a thank you note to your aunt for all the baking equipment she gifted you is pretty boring (although totally necessary). When you get to thank her for helping you go on a life-changing trip, the task is a little more exciting. And Wanderable makes the whole process even easier by letting you send REAL thank you note postcards that you can personalize with a message and a photo of you and your partner enjoying your gifted experience! Done and done.


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