Once the home of a silk merchant, this traditional Chinese lifestyle dwelling is located in the centre of a UNESCO World Heritage town, and each of the 14 rooms is set around one of its three courtyards.
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Built 260 years ago by a wealthy Qing Dynasty silk merchant, Jing's Residence is set right in the centre of the old town of Pingyao. Each of the 15 meticulously renovated guestrooms and suites reflects the residence’s unique character. Decorative features range from ancient carved wooden window frames and timber structural elements to bamboo flooring, and rice paper ceilings.

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Jing’s Residence highlight
Serving local cuisine mainly from Shanxi, local noodles and homemade dumpling. Some western cuisine can be served also. Both chinese and western breakfast can be prepared
Jing’s Residence highlight
The Spa offers therapeutic and rejuvenating face and body care treatments, in one of the 70sqm luxury spa suites
Jing’s Residence highlight
Pingyao is one of only two Chinese cities listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site; The city wall was originally built in 1370 under the reign of Emperor Hongwu with a total length of over six kilometers . There are six barbican gates and the pattern resembles the shape of a tortoise earning Pingyao the nickname "Turtle City" with the two gates on the South and North representing the head and tail of the turtle and four gates on the east and west the four legs.
Jing’s Residence highlight
Pingyao was the most important trading and financial center in China in the late Ming and Qing dynasties. China's first commercial banks were established in Pingyao; at the height of their influences, Pingyao merchants had branches all over China and connections in Japan, Singapore, Moscow, Calcutta, Paris and London.

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Imam Hadianas“ Ping Yao - one of the most intriguing UNESCO world heritage town- is the only surviving walled city from the Ming and Qing dynasty in Chinese history. Walking around the old town is like stepping into ancient China where local people live the same way for centuries... City planning was done 1500 years ago and remains the same today. Jing's Residence is a restored courtyard residence built 260 years ago, hidden within the city walls.

The house was originally the shop and home of a silk merchant during the Qing Dynasty. Renovated by the famous architect Antonia Ocha, the property combines today the original courtyards with some contemporary touches in the rooms. We take a genuine pleasure in welcoming guests to experience not only a beautiful and comfortable house, but also the charm and the heritage of our History, just like if we were offering a travel back through time. As a member of Secret Retreats, Jing's Residence is more than a hotel, it is a true a journey through a glorious past. ”

Imam Hadianas


My refined and gracious hostess ushers me into the wooden lobby adorned with chests that smell like fresh beeswax. On the wall is a panel made with pieces of silk, a tribute to the residence’s former owner who was a silk merchant. Leading me through the lovingly restored courtyards, I find myself amidst a sumptuous décor that pays homage to the architectural spirit of the ancient Chinese men who once lived in this city, enchanted by its charming pavilions with raised curved eaves and tiled rooftops with decorative edges.
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Welcome to Pingyao, Shanxi

Brimming with history in Shanxi, and dating back over 2,700 years, Pingyao was first built during the reign of King Xuan (827-782 BC) in the Western Zhou Dynasty. A listed UNESCO World Culture Heritage site, even to this day this small ancient town looks much the same as it did same when it was one of China’s biggest trading and financial centres during the late Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Well-preserved, and home to a plethora of significant buildings, sites and ancient ruins, Pingyao Ancient City is Pingyao’s top attraction. Bounded by a six-kilometre wall, with six major gates and 72 watchtowers, and home to about 40,000 residents, the city is dotted with historic structures, temples, shops and cultural relics. For a taste of the arts, an exhilarating traditional Shanxi Opera performance, which includes acrobatics and other visual delights, is not to be missed. Famous for its noodles that come in hundreds of shapes and sizes, the native cuisine here is as fascinating as its folk culture. Local handicrafts include: lacquerware, paper cutting, batik and handmade cloth shoes. Pingyao is a voyage back in time.

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Total number of rooms: 14
Annual closing:
Closed from 09 to 18 December 2015 and from 27 December 2015 to 21 January 2016

Time zone: (GMT+08:00) Beijing
Currency accepted: CNY
Credit cards accepted: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners, UnionPay
Electricity voltage: 220V
Electricity plug type:    
About 1 to 1h30 from Taiyuan Airport or Bullet Train Station. The hotel is located in a pedestrian street of Pingyao old town.
Nearest Airport: Taiyuan Airport - 80 km
Nearest Railway Station: Taiyuan Railway Station - 90 km
Nearest Railway Station: Pingyao Railway Station - 1.6 km

16 East Street, 31100 Ping Yao Shan Xi Province, China
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