Young Hwan Ahn – RakKoJae, Korea


young-hwan-ahn-rakkojae"The world is now emerging beyond its focus on self comfort and moving towards the pursuit of true relaxation, a healthy body, and a peaceful mind. In today’s era of cold modernism, exact science and calculative digitalism, there is a fervent need for something more” - Young H. Ahn

Young H Ahn is a Master Carpenter and Human National Treasure who’s passion and personal love for Korea’s traditional Hanok has led him to start the first Korean traditional home experience in the early 90s. Ahn’s seminal work in both preserving and celebrating Korean architecture is reflected in the two properties he created, RakKoJae Seoul and RakKoJae Hahoe. Both properties have received international acclaim and the value of Hahoe Folk Village was recognised shortly after RakKoJae Hahoe was opened, becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Captivated by the ability of a Hanok to bring comfort and tranquility, Ahn created MongInGak, a modern version of a 2-storied Hanok where one can feel relaxed and in harmony with nature. He also started a carpentry school that promotes and preservers the ancient traditions of Korea’s craftsmanship. Both properties are run by his son, Michael Ahn, and it is a place where one can experience the traditional beauty of Korea through either savouring a traditional Korean course meal, experiencing a tea ceremony, relaxing in the yellow-mud sauna, trying on a royal Hanok, or making your own Kimchee.