Lamphoune Voravongsa – Satri House, Laos


Lamphoune Voravongsa - The Silk Princess of Luang Prabang

lamphoune-satri-houseLamphoune Voravongsa is the owner and visionary behind Satri House, a colonial mansion that was built in 1904. Born in Laos, but exiled to France at a young age, Lamphoune returned to her roots 30 years later and opened her first shop in Vientiane which specialised in traditional garments, jewellery, paintings and antique statues. She extended her business to include several shops in Luang Prabang before she bought the former residence of Prince Soupha-nouvong (the resistance leader who later became the Lao People’s Democratic Republic’s first president in 1975). Classified as a UNESCO Heritage site, Lamphoune restored the estate to one of the most stylish boutique hotels in Luang Prabang. Lamphoune’s passion to empower other women has led her to name the hotel Satri House, meaning ‘House of Women’. Inspired by Lao culture at the turn of the last century, Lamphoune’s ambition is to show the rest of the world the beauty of Laos - the indigenous lifestyle of its people, its simplicity, elegance and sense of grace. She also plays an active role in a handicraft association, Satri Lao Silk, which is devoted to preserve Laotian traditions.