Jean-Paul Duvergé – Muang La Resort, Laos


Jean-Paul - Explore the Hill Tribes of Laos from Muang La

jean-paul-muang-laHemmed in between Vietnam, China, Myanmar, Thailand and Cambodia, Laos has kept its multiple cultural identity through its various ethnic groups and its natural and architectural heritage. A French native, Jean-Paul’s love story with Laos began in his early 30s when his quest for adventure and off the beaten track experiences had lured him to Asia. Passionate about sharing the story of Laos and its people with fellow travellers, he started a local handling agent company which offers guests an authentic experience amidst the more remote areas of Laos. Always in search for innovative ways to implement sustainable tourism practices, Jean-Paul founded Muang La Resort in 2007, an intimate 9 bedrooms eco-lodge in Northern Laos that was built in partnership with the local population and with respect to the natural environment. A peaceful sanctuary built along the banks of a river, Muang La is an ideal base for guests to take day trips into the heart of Laos ethnic hill tribes and experience its diverse culture. Sensitive to not disturb the day to day routine of the local hill tribes, Jean-Paul improved the facilities and access to a natural hot spring located in the river just in front of the hotel. In addition, the latest project was to restart the exploitation of a neighbouring rock salt mine to create more jobs and natural resources for trade to the local community. Jean-Paul’s vision of tourism is to integrate the local lifestyle.