Across Laos: The Heart of Indochina

- A Secret Retreats journey -
4 to 14 days / 3 to 13 nights
from 1,450 USD - 3,200 USD /person



This journey has been personally designed Touny, who is born in Laos and likes to share her favourite spots across the country and her knowledge and passion for the nature and history around the mystic Mekong River, from North to South.

All our itineraries have generally been constructed on the basis of the rooms that have the most charm or best view, and not necessarily the first prices, nor the most expensive suites.
We can of course adjust according to your request.

Laos is a country of mountains crossed by the majestic Mekong - "The Mother of Waters" is a trading route, source of food and water, social center for the settlements along its banks- the former kingdom of the Million Elephants, seduces by its tranquility and its authenticity. In these mystical lands, time passes peacefully, to the rhythm of Buddhist mantras and chants, of weaving looms on which silk and silver threads glide. This journey across Laos is an opportunity to discover the whole country from the Golden Triangle at the border with Thailand and Myanmar, to the hill tribes of Muang La, the temples of Luang Prabang to the Four-Thousand Islands and Khmer temple of Vat Phou in the South. This journey has been designed to suit your time, so you can choose to travel during 4 days, 7 days, 9 days, 11 days or 14 days.


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Your Journey Day by Day

4 to 14 days / 3 to 13 nights from 1,450 USD - 3,200 USD /person

based on 2 people traveling together and sharing the same room


Day 1 : Chieng Saen-Huayxai - Muang La (-/L/D)
After crossing the border from Thailand to Huayxai, a driver will pick you up on the Lao side and you will start a drive through a mountainous road, with beautiful natural sceneries. You will cross several and diverse minority tribes villages as well during 3hrs. You shall reach Luang Namtha for lunch.
Continue the road for another 90mn. You can stop any time for photos, or to meet and speak to some locals or simply to observe the beauty of nature. You will reach Oudom Xay at the end of the afternoon,main city of North Laos. Enjoy the sunset from the “That” overlooking the town and valley. And drive another 30mn to reach the lodge.
Check-in, relax in the hot spring or the traditional sauna if you like. Dinner served at the lodge.
A massage will be offered during your stay, at any time.
HOTEL: Muang La Lodge (Deluxe Riverview Room)
Day 2 : Muang La (B/L/D)
Today after breakfast, you will jump on a 4WD for a day to meet Khmu, Hmong and Akha tribes in their villages - three typical communities of Laos. The track you will take is superb and offers an incredible climb up to 1000m from to reach a scenic and memorable point of view. You will first visit the Khmu village, then continue your way to the Hmong village of Ban Pangcor. Your guide, together with some people from this ethnic group, originally from the high steppes of Tibet, will make you discover their habits, the important place that animals (pigs, buffaloes, etc.) hold in their way of life and the care they provide them. Lunch will be taken on a magnificent viewpoint. You will then visit the very beautiful Akha village, totally isolated. This community from Yunnan and Tibet has remained extremely traditional. The path leading to the completely isolated village offers many impressive viewpoints.
Return to the Lodge at the end of the day for rest and dinner.
HOTEL: Muang La Lodge (Deluxe Riverview Room)
Day 3 : Muang La (B/L/D)
After breakfast, you will walk 30 minutes along the Nampak River to Wang Wanh, a Khmu village whose inhabitants make bags from plant fibers. You will be welcomed by a local family of farmers in the middle of a magnificent rice field, surrounded by hills. The immersion will therefore be total and conducive to a most exciting discovery of the different stages of rice cultivation and the inherent traditional way of life.
Accompanied by your guide, you will discover the work in the fields and the farmer's faithful friend: the buffalo. You will learn how to select the seeds, plant them, and transplant the cuttings... until the crucial stage of harvesting. After the work, time to rest! You will have lunch in a traditional “sala” in front of the farm enjoying a 360 degree view of this splendid valley with its unspoiled landscape. You will have plenty of time to watch the farmers and the animals go about their daily business. Finally, you will share your emotions around a jar of local cider, Lao Hay. After this meal, you will cross the Nam Pak River on a bamboo raft and discover the Khmu village of Vieng Kham, whose inhabitants are known to be master weavers. They create both sarongs and silk fabrics. You will then walk to the village of Muang La, visit the primary school and the temple “Chiao Pha Kham Sing” which houses a sacred Buddha and is a very famous place of worship in Laos. Then you will return to the Lodge in the middle of the afternoon, with a light heart and a head full of highlights. In the evening, join a ceremony at a local resident’s house. In Laos, where animist beliefs persist, the locals believe they have thirty-two souls; one in each of the 32 parts of the body. These souls (or Khouanes) tend to escape, risking being swallowed by spirits, thus creating diseases and misfortunes. It is therefore important to remember them during this ceremony of “recall of souls”: the Baci ceremony. Dinner at the Lodge.
HOTEL: Muang La Lodge (Deluxe Riverview Room)
Day 4 : Muang La – Oudomxay – Luang Prabang (B/-/-)
After breakfast, free time before transfer to Oudomxay Train station This is the end of the 4-day program; Or continue to Luang Prabang (train ticket Oudomxay – Luang Prabang included). About 45mn later, arrival at Luang Prabang Train station, a driver will greet you and transfer you to your hotel
Check-in then free time for the rest of the day. You can go for a bicycle ride, walk around the night market or relax at the Spa.
No arrangement for dinner, but we can recommend one of our Secret Tables.
HOTEL: Satri House (Deluxe Room)
Day 5 : Luang Prabang (B/-/-)
Today is a free day for you to explore the town at your pace.
Option: we can also organize a city tour with a guide if you prefer (additional fee). There is a very old and strong tradition to which the Laotians are attached: almsgiving to the monks. Every morning at dawn, the monks cross the village of their respective temple to collect the gifts offered by the villagers, which will constitute their meal of the day. It is a very solemn moment and full of humility at the same time. Then a visit to the morning market and its products, to say the least... atypical! Return to the hotel for breakfast. Luang Prabang cannot be visited, it can only be experienced. Indeed, the atmosphere that emanates from this town which has more than 1,000 monks and nuns for about thirty temples is truly unique. A feeling of peace is omnipresent over the town. Daily life is regulated by the activity of the temples. We invite you to discover the cultural and spiritual heritage of the city, of an inestimable richness and fortunately sheltered today under the aegis of UNESCO.
At the end of the day, Mount Phousi, accessible by its 300 steps, is the perfect place to enjoy the sumptuous sunset over the city and the Mekong. Going down the stairs on the “Royal Palace” side, you will come across the Luang Prabang night market, a real treasure trove of original local crafts for unique souvenirs.
HOTEL: Satri House (Deluxe Room)
Day 6 : Luang Prabang (B/-/-)
Here again you may want to be on your own, or add the option below.
Option: A morning dedicated to the discovery of elephants at the eco-responsible camp (additional fee – grouped activities). At 8:30 am, you leave for the village of Xieng Lom. After a cup of coffee or tea and your guide will give you an introduction to elephant behavior and new training techniques, especially with baby elephants, as well as how we as human beings should interact with the baby and his mother. Cross the Nam Khan River to go and meet the elephants. The first interaction is to feed the animals, one of the best ways to ensure an immediate friendship. You will then leave for a walk in the forest and a swim. This playful experience involves using special materials found in the jungle to scrub and rinse the elephants before starting the trek. After crossing an expanse of rice paddies, you enter a new area of forest where you and your elephants can take a break to relax and eat.
Lunch will be served in traditional Lao fashion, eating on bamboo mats in the forest. Continue walking on the trail and stop at Tad Kuang Song Falls, named after the spirit of the golden deer seen standing at the top centuries ago. You can take a bath or just relax to appreciate the magic of the place. Before resuming your journey, the mahouts will give you a demonstration of their work. Watch and learn how they communicate and listen to their elephants. This will highlight each animal's special skills as well as their varying personalities. Now it's your turn to communicate directly with your very own elephant! Read their emotions just as they read yours. Find out why humans and elephants have shared such an extraordinary bond for thousands of years.
After this brief moment of learning, you help the mahouts bring the elephants to their resting places for the night. One last hug to your new friend and return to Luang Prabang at the end of the afternoon.
HOTEL: Satri House (Deluxe Room)
Day 7 : Luang Prabang – Vang Vieng (B/-/-)
After breakfast, day on your own and transfer to Luang Prabang train station or Luang Prabang airport for your departure...

This is the end of the 7-day program;
Or continue by train from Luang Prabang to Vang Vieng (train ticket Luang Prabang – Vang Vieng included). A driver will wait for you at the station and transfer to the hotel by the river for 2 nights. Check-in and settle down. No arrangement for meals.
HOTEL: Riverside Boutique Resort (Deluxe Room)
Day 8 : Vang Vieng (B/-/-)
You can enjoy the resort and activities proposed. Vang Vieng will charm you with the natural beauty of its landscapes, its magnificent views of limestone mountains, caves and cliffs overlooking the Nam Song River. Many outdoor activities are available: tubing down the river, kayaking, rafting, cave tours, mountain hikes, waterfall walks, biking, climbing, hot air ballooning, off-road biking and swimming; there is also an organic Farm to experience. The concierge at the hotel can help you arrange these activities.
HOTEL: Riverside Boutique Resort (Deluxe Room)
Day 9 : Vang Vieng – Vientiane (B/-/-)
After breakfast, transfer by road to Vientiane:
- either to Wattay International Airport for your departure and this is the end of the 9-day program;
- Or continue with a flight to Pakse (skip 2 nights and continue the program on Day 11)
- or spend 2 nights in the capital City Vientiane, check-in at Lao Poet for 2 nights.
No arrangement for meals.
HOTEL: Lao Poet (Poet Suite)
Day 10 : Vientiane (B/-/-)
After breakfast, day on your own to discover the life in the smallest capital city in South East Asia. The essentials of Vientiane are the Wat Si Saket with its multiple Buddhas, the That Louang and its gigantic golden stupa and the Patouxai or the local “Arc des Triomphes”. The concierge at the hotel can help you arrange a visit of these places.
HOTEL: Lao Poet (Poet Suite)
Day 11 : Vientiane – Pakse - Champassak (B /-/-)
After breakfast, transfer to Wattay International Airport for your departure and this is the end of the 11-day program;
or continuation to Champassak in Southern Laos. Flights are not included in the indicative price, but we can book them for you. Upon landing in Pakse airport, a driver will greet you and transfer you to Champassak where you will spend the next 3 nights. After check-in, feel free to stroll through the narrow streets of Champassak where, with the many colonial-era houses (often left in ruins), there is still a very nostalgic “Indochina” atmosphere. No arrangement for meals.
HOTEL: Residence Bassac (Suite Duplex)
Day 12 : Champassak - Four Thousands Islands (B/-/-)
After breakfast, departure for a trip between the 4,000 islands. You drive to the pier located in front of Done Khong Island where your boat is waiting for you. Continuation of the journey towards the islands of Done Det and Done Khone for a pleasant cruise of nearly an hour and a half. Discovery of Done Khone and what remains of the old railway line, a legacy of the colonial era. Continue to Liphy Falls.
Lunch at leisure (not included) in a restaurant along the Mekong. After this break, you embark on a canoe for a peaceful ride down the Mekong to see the lifeblood of South East Asia On the way back, make a little detour to the Khone Phapeng falls, it is here that the monotony of the Mekong breaks, over 14 meters high. These are in fact the most important falls in Southeast Asia, the “Niagara Falls” of the region.
Back to the hotel for the evening.
HOTEL: Residence Bassac (Suite Duplex)
Day 13 : Champassak (B/-/-)
This morning, you go to the famous temple of Vat Phou, listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Its foundation dates from the 5th or 6th century, and it is therefore older than the cities of Angkor. Visit of the site and its museum. Then you take the boat to discover the island of Don Daeng. The island of Don Daeng is an ideal site to discover bucolic landscapes and scenes of life that seem "out of time". Three marked routes will allow you to crisscross the island's dirt roads, crossing here and there small villages with wooden houses and rice granaries, passing in front of schools where children will not fail to greet you. The island also has a few temples that you can visit.
Lunch at leisure (not included) in a local restaurant. This afternoon you board your boat again for a cruise along the Mekong to discover the temples of Vat Muang Kang, one of the oldest temples in the region still active and which houses a library. Then, you will visit the temple Vat Muang Kao not far from the old church of Bassac dating from the 19th century.
Back to the hotel for the evening.
HOTEL: Residence Bassac (Suite Duplex)
Day 14 : Champassak – Ubon Ratchathani (B/-/-)
After breakfast, depending on the time of your flight, departure by private car back to Pakse Airport or cross the border to Ubon Ratchathani Airport (2h30mn drive), if time allows you can visit the Pakse market and have a lunch in a local restaurant.

Your Accommodation on this Asia Travel Itinerary

Across Laos: The Heart of Indochina

4 to 14 days / 3 to 13 nights
from 1,450 USD /person for 4 days-3 nights
from 2,000 USD /person for 7 days - 6 nights
from 2,320 USD /person for 9 days-8 nights
from 2,520 USD /person for 11 days-10 nights
from 3,200 USD /person for 14 days-13 nights


based on 2 people traveling together and sharing the same room


The total price includes:
Accommodation based on two people sharing.
All meals specified in the programme (B = breakfast, L = lunch, D = dinner).
All transfers as specified, in private car or air-conditioned van.
All train tickets.
All excursions mentioned in the programme and all entries to sites.
The service of English-speaking guides for the different stages as mention in each day.

The total price does not include:
Domestic & International flights (domestic flights will be quoted at the moment of reservation).
All meals not specified in the programme.
Drinks during meals and personal expenses
All services not specified in the programme.
Fees for Lao visas ($30 - $40) USD per person (depending on nationality) plus one passport photo.
All insurances including cancellation insurance/ travel insurance/ repatriation or lost luggage insurances.
All tips.

This Secret Journey was designed in cooperation with Touny and Asia Safaris (License N°391 29/07/2004).


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