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Explore the Mekong River in Luang Prabang in style onboard this luxury vessel. Totalling 53-metres in length, the boat can host up to 10 guests overnight in its five cabins. In addition, it is only boat in the area that has an open roof terrace that can accommodate 100 people for events or parties. The boat setting can be personalised as per guest requests, and a sound system is onboard with microphones, MP3 files, CDs and Bluetooth connection to play your favourite music directly from your mobile phones. Live band entertainment is also available upon request.

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Cabins (5 units)

  • Cabins (5 units)
  • Cabins (5 units)
  • Cabins (5 units)
Cabins (5 units)
All five 14sqm warm wood and brass cabins feature an en-suite bathroom, queen size bed, air conditioning, and a window to enjoy the wonderful views along the Mekong River.


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컨시어지의 개인적인 도움으로 현지 지식과 내부자 팁을 제공하므로 완벽한 아시아 여행을 계획하고 예약하는데 도움이 됩니다.

책임 관광

시크릿 리트리츠와 함께 예약하면 아시아에서 책임감있고 지속가능한 관광을 지원합니다

현지 지식

우리 지역의 지식과 우리의 안식처에 대한 열정으로부터당신 개인에게 맞는 숙박까지 혜택을 드립니다.

현지 지식

우리 지역의 지식과 우리의 안식처에 대한 열정으로부터당신 개인에게 맞는 숙박까지 혜택을 드립니다.

Vessel Facilities & Highlights

Deck: the main deck is a 40m platform that can accommodate 80-100 people for evening cocktails

Cuisine: the dining area is located on the open roof deck. Dine under the stars with European fare and Laotian specialties including Laap Tahou Sai (salad made with tofu, oyster mushrooms, bean sprouts and green herbs) and Luang Prabang noodle soup.

호스트와 팀

“We are proud to be part of Secret Cruise and confident in delivering a memorable experience along the beautiful Mekong River onboard our Satri House Boat. Our boat delivers the highest standard of service, and we are known for our fine drinks, excellent food and comfortable accommodations, replete with the attentive and personalised service.”

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우리의 케어 활동

Satri House is passionate about promoting Lao culture and customs, including one of Laos’ oldest dominant living crafts, textile weaving. In collaboration with “Khang”, they have created a centre for fine silks, textile design, Lao fashion and traditional weaving in the heart of Luang Prabang at 24 Sackarine road, Ban Xiengmouane. View exclusive collections made from Lao handlooms using different ancient techniques to create both traditional and contemporary designs. Every piece is unique and ranges from rough coarse wild silk to fine luxurious silk, and silk organza. “Khang” also invites guests to experience Lao weaving and natural dyeing at one of its various courses. The courses range from half day workshops to a several months long professional training course. Situated on the top level of the showroom, the weaving studio can accommodate up to four people for a weaving class or up to six people for a natural dyeing class.

“Docked on the Mekong River just a few hundred metres from Satri House, this traditional wooden slow boat, features five comfortable cabins. Fully modernised, it is available for private charters, a special celebration, or a sunset cruise in Luang Prabang.”

Kim, the discoverer.

Useful Information

Time zone: (GMT+07:00) Hanoi
Electricity voltage: 220V
Electricity plug type:    
Your concierge is ready to assist you with planning and completing your reservation, contact them on
For private boat charters, a van will pick up guests at their hotel or airport in Luang Prabang.
Nearest Airport: Luang Prabang International Airport (LPQ) - 5 km

Ban Watthat Noy – Luang Prabang 85671 - Laos , Lao Peoples Republic