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Previously a traditional Thai rice barge transporting cargos of rice, sugar and sand up-river from Bangkok to remote riverside towns, this boat was later converted into a touring riverboat. Today, it has been re-modelled into a luxury private river cruising vessel. The approach to its new design honours traditional Thai architectural materials. It features a handsome hull and deck of solid wood, a timber shingled and natural woven bamboo grass covered roof, timber panelling, woven rattan, and luxurious modern-day amenities on both the upper and lower decks.

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Cabins (2 units)

  • Cabins (2 units)
  • Cabins (2 units)
  • Cabins (2 units)
  • Cabins (2 units)
  • Cabins (2 units)
Cabins (2 units)
Below deck, two large guest suites provide generous onboard accommodation. Both suites include separate bathrooms finished with European fittings. Air conditioners are artfully concealed, and glazed windows can be opened to allow full natural cross-ventilation and daylight as desired. The master suite can also be converted into a meeting room setting for onboard entertaining or small group conferences. All elements of the boat, from the mechanical to onboard safety equipment, are specified to the highest levels of quality.


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컨시어지의 개인적인 도움으로 현지 지식과 내부자 팁을 제공하므로 완벽한 아시아 여행을 계획하고 예약하는데 도움이 됩니다.

책임 관광

시크릿 리트리츠와 함께 예약하면 아시아에서 책임감있고 지속가능한 관광을 지원합니다

현지 지식

우리 지역의 지식과 우리의 안식처에 대한 열정으로부터당신 개인에게 맞는 숙박까지 혜택을 드립니다.

현지 지식

우리 지역의 지식과 우리의 안식처에 대한 열정으로부터당신 개인에게 맞는 숙박까지 혜택을 드립니다.

Vessel Facilities & Highlights

Deck: On the main upper deck, open and shaded areas provide casual lounge style seating and star-lit dining for intimate groups of 2 or 4, or a party of up to 30 guests.

Cuisine: Savour delightful cuisine, snacks and drinks in the covered dining area or alfresco under the stars.

호스트와 팀

“Welcome onboard the luxury rice barge NAMTHIP. It is a unique floating home experience. Some 50 years back, this vessel transported rice from the North of Thailand to the central part of the country. Since then, it has seen various transformations from rice barge to passenger boat with 10 cabins but without an engine (back then it was towed by another boat), to a cruise ship with 8 cabins, to today’s luxury cruiser with just 2 air-conditioned cabins. I wish you a wonderful journey and an amazing voyage along the banks of the Chao Phraya River.”

Welcome to 방콕

타이어로는 끄룽텝(Krung Thep:천사의 도시)이라고 합니다. 원래 방콕은 대안(對岸)에 있는 톤부리시(市)의 한 지구에 지나지 않았으나, 예로부터 상업의 중심지로 번영하였기 때문에 지금은 국제적으로 방콕이 끄룽텝을 대신하게 되었습니다.

“Namthip is a 2-cabin rice barge that is available for private charters (cocktail, dinner cruise or overnight cruise) between Bangkok and Ayutthaya. The friendly Thai crew look after all your needs, while you decide the pace you want to cruise and the places to stop.”

Kim, the discoverer.

Useful Information

Cruising Areas: Chao Phraya River between Bangkok and Ayutthaya
Length: 17.5m
Beam: 5 m
Number of Cabins: 2
Total number of rooms: 2
Time zone: (GMT+07:00) Bangkok
Currency accepted: THB
Electricity voltage: 220V
Electricity plug type:  
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The embarkation point is in front of Wat Yannawa, just next to Saphan Taksin BTS and bridge.
Nearest Airport: Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK) - 37 km
Nearest Airport: Don Muang Airport (DMK) - 30 km
Nearest Railway Station: National, Hua Lamphong Station - 3 km
Nearest MRT Station: Saphan Taksin Station - 0.3 km