Positioned on the edge of the relatively untouched and least explored national park in the heart of Sri Lanka, this unique safari lodge specialises in high-end, environmentally responsible tourism. Comprising 10 spacious bungalows within 20 acres of private jungle and grasslands, around a swimming pool and restaurant, every guest space has magnificent views. The numerous activities found here include: jeep safaris, bird walks, bike rides, and meeting the indigenous Vedda Tribe. The highlight activity is a boat safari on Sri Lanka’s biggest lake. Guests can expect to see a wide variety of wildlife, and for those who are really lucky the chance to see elephants swimming from island to island in search of the freshest grass.


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Bungalow (9 units)

  • Bungalow (9 units)
  • Bungalow (9 units)
Bungalow (9 units)
Each 80sqm bungalow features spectacular floor to ceiling glass windows and doors that open onto a private veranda. Every bungalow is nestled in the forest, and was built to minimize its impact on the land, and to frame the best possible views. The bungalows have a private living room, a bedroom with a built-in king size bed, and an adjoining alfresco bathroom.


Two-bedroom Villa (1 unit)

  • Two-bedroom Villa (1 unit)
  • Two-bedroom Villa (1 unit)
  • Two-bedroom Villa (1 unit)
Two-bedroom Villa (1 unit)
Built over 115sqm, this villa features a large 65sqm open plan living room that elegantly connects both bedrooms. Each bedroom has its own wraparound veranda with wide views over the canopy to catch both the sunrise and sunset.


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컨시어지의 개인적인 도움으로 현지 지식과 내부자 팁을 제공하므로 완벽한 아시아 여행을 계획하고 예약하는데 도움이 됩니다.

책임 관광

시크릿 리트리츠와 함께 예약하면 아시아에서 책임감있고 지속가능한 관광을 지원합니다

현지 지식

우리 지역의 지식과 우리의 안식처에 대한 열정으로부터당신 개인에게 맞는 숙박까지 혜택을 드립니다.

현지 지식

우리 지역의 지식과 우리의 안식처에 대한 열정으로부터당신 개인에게 맞는 숙박까지 혜택을 드립니다.

Hotel Facilities & Highlights

Infinity Pool: The lodge has an inviting infinity pool surrounded by bushes.

Restaurant: Perched on the mezzanine of the main building, the chef prepares a simple and delicious cuisine mixing some local curries, sambol, roti and western dishes. For breakfast, try the buffalo curd!

Vedda: Vedda are the forest-dwelling, indigenous people of central Sri Lanka, who have inhabited the island for hundreds of years. They live off the land and are at one with nature. One of the last remaining Vedda communities is just next to the lodge. The village chief likes to take guests on a walk through the jungle of his ancestors and share the use of medicinal plants, ancient hunting grounds, and cave dwellings.

Bird watching & safaris: A resident naturalist will take you for a walk around the lodge to experience the abundant birdlife and beautiful surroundings. The walk offers a number of possible routes through the trees and around the nearby lake, to observe Kingfishers, Eagles, Kites, and many types of aquatic birds. The park is also home to herds of elephants, wild boar, four species of deer, jackals, sloths, marsh mugger crocodiles, and other wildlife.

호스트와 팀

“Our vision was to create a unique wildlife lodge in the the most unspoilt part of Sri Lanka, concentrating on environmentally sustainable tourism. All building materials are natural and locally sourced with 80% of the staff coming from the surrounding villages. With our own research centre on site and community based programs we hope to give back to the park and the surrounding community as much as possible. We offer some of the most unique experiences found on the island, including the chance to see the swimming elephants of Gal Oya. Gal Oya Lodge is the only lodge surrounding the national park meaning guests pretty much have the park to themselves, a unique situation in Sri Lanka where many of the other parks are overcrowded.”

Welcome to 스리랑카의 국립 공원

작은 크기에도 불구, 스리랑카는 아시아의 다양한 야생 동물, 식물 군과 동물 군을 목격하는 가장 좋은 장소 중 하나 만드는 (26) 국립 공원에 가정이다. 섬 국가에서 두 번째로 큰 공원, 얄라 국립 공원 표범, 코끼리, 새와 다른 야생 동물을 볼 수 있습니다 탐험.

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“Nestled in the Gal Oya National Park, this off the grid (no phone or WiFi service) 10-bungalow eco-lodge offers a unique digital detox amid nature experience.”

Kim, the discoverer.

Useful Information

Total number of rooms: 10
Annual closing:
open all year

Time zone: (GMT+05:30) Mumbai
Currency accepted: USD, EUR
Credit cards accepted: Visa, Mastercard
Electricity voltage: 230V
Electricity plug type:    
Your concierge is ready to assist you with planning and completing your reservation, contact them on dream@secret-retreats.com
Off the main road Bibile-Inginiyagala, at the entrance of the Park.
Nearest Airport: Colombo International Airport (CMB) - 300 km
Nearest Airport: Batticaloa Airport (BTC) - 119 km
Nearest Station: Kandy - 147 km

Rathugala, Wellessa, Bibile - Uva Province 91500 , Sri Lanka

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