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Samuay & Sons is located in the Isan region (north-east) of Thailand in the city of Udon Thani. Founded in 2014, the restaurant focuses on traditional Thai cuisine re-created using the twists and turns of modern technique. Samuay & Sons believe that cuisine itself is a rich form living history and Chef Num is fascinated by the challenge of bringing the past to meet the present in order shape the next chapter of Thai cuisine.
Chef Num follows a philosophy of discovering forgotten foods and plants from by gone eras and brings this passion and curiosity back to the tables of his guests. 80% of the produce used by Samuay & Sons is grown in the local organic farm, and the remaining foods are found from many sources such as foraging in special educational events held across different parts of Thailand.


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With no signs at the entrance written in English, Samuay & Sons, is hidden but with nothing to hide. The restaurant is a cosy and contemporary loft-style design with an open kitchen, set with just 35 seats.
Samuay & Sons take great pride in delivering sincere and authentic Thai cuisine, sourced locally from the very best available meats, vegetables, herbs and spices served with modern flair and creativity. Eating is considered to be a 360 degrees sensory experience that considers everything from the health benefits of the ingredients to the flavourful combination of the dishes. The menu is changed seasonally (every 2-4 months) so guests may experience the gifts of Mother Nature at that time through each of the courses served and is offered both à La Carte and as a Tasting Menu.

The Chef & the Brigade

“Each day I learn more about local ingredients from the Thai biodiversity, and at the same time I gain more knowledge about the importance of our local wisdom. I am inspired by the nature that surrounds me, which in turn creates each the dish that tells its own individual story. This is my philosophy of cooking.”

Welcome to イサーン

コーラット台地の山々に囲まれたタイ東北部のイサーン地方では、他の地域とはまったく異なるタイの一面を見ることができます。ほとんど開発の手が入らないこの地は、青々とした水田や歩き回る水牛たち、伝統的な絹の生産、史跡の数々など、個性的な魅力でいっぱいです。イサーンの宝探しの旅はコンケーンから。プーカオ・プーパンカム国立公園の広大な森、パノック山の奇岩、プーウィアンの考古学的な発掘現場、プーウィアン恐竜博物館と国立公園など興味は尽きません。 南に向かえば、スリンの美しいクメール寺院やパゴダ、ウドンターニーでは有名なバンチェン遺跡の発掘現場を見ることができます。カオヤイ国立公園も見逃せません。ルーイ県のダンサーイ郡では山々の間を流れるメコン川を眺めながらしばし静寂に身を沈めましょう。イサーン北部にはプープラバット歴史公園やプールア国立公園、ノーンカーイ、ダム湖フアイ・クラティンをはじめとする素晴らしい国立公園があり、20~30年前から変わらないタイの人々の生活を垣間見ることができます。イサーン地方特有のスパイシーな料理はそこに住む人々同様、他の地方とは違う個性的なものです。見るもの味わうものすべてに魅了される冒険の旅が待っています。

We Care

Green market, Slow food youth network and Food for change

Started 2 years ago with the opening of the restaurant
Goal: to spread the information about organic farmer community in our neighbour. To make the farmer proud of their products and share them the knowledge. To represent all the indigenous wisdom in our country. We work closely with the farmers and cook their produce with care by minimize the waste. Some time we participate field trip to do workshop with them and present the dish to the public. Being as a part of these movement: we have gain more attention from public tremendously. People understand about our agriculture situation in Thailand more than before. By using only local produce to the guests in my restaurant and tell them the story where it come from, they understand the message that we send it to them. Green Market, Slow Food Youth Network and Food for Change.

In conjunction with the opening of Samuay & Sons in 2014, Chef Num launched a series of educational and

support movements throughout Thailand in order to share knowledge and represent the vast indigenous wisdom within his country. His goal was to help spread the information practised within his local organic farming community to his neighbours, and by doing so, make farmers proud of their products and continue to share and expand their knowledge. Samuay & Sons work closely with the farmers and cook their produce with extra care to make ensure they minimise waste. They organise participative field trips and workshops with the farmers and present the dishes to the public.

These movements have gained tremendous public attention and provided a platform for people to better understand the challenges of the agricultural situation in Thailand. By using only local produce guests in the restaurant are educated with the story of where their food comes from, and the indigenous wisdom surrounding it.

“Samuay & Sons deliver contemporary Thai cuisine with a deliciously creative twist that draws upon the past for inspiration. Hidden away in Udon Thani, the menu is focused upon the north-eastern cooking traditions of the Isan region, using local and organic seasonal ingredients many of which have offer healing benefits and follow the Chef’s belief that food is medicine.”

Kim, the discoverer.

Useful Information

Opening time:
11.00am -2.30pm and 5.00pm -9.30pm (upon reservation)

Closing period:

Annual closing:
12 13 14 April (Songkran)

Time zone: (GMT+07:00) Bangkok
Currency accepted: THB
Credit cards accepted: Visa, Mastercard
Electricity voltage: 220V
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About ten-minute drive from Udon Thani city centre. About 600 m from Ban Huay fresh market on Phonpisai Rd.

133/25 Phonpisai rd. Mhagkhange Udonthani 41000
133/25 ถนนโพนพิสัย ตำบลหมากแข้ง อำเภอเมืองอุดรธานี จังหวัดอุดรธานี 41000 , Thailand