Wonderful Stay

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“We stayed at the end of February for 5 nights and had a wonderful time in large part due to the host and hostess, Jen and Graham. We stayed in the newer bungalow (which is below the main house) and there are a couple things to point out. First of all, the beds are lovely (not too hard, not too soft), there is a lovely breeze that sweeps through the room during the evening, BUT there is almost ZERO water pressure (so if you like your nightly deluge in the shower, this may not be the place for you).

The communal dinners are great (as long as you have someone interesting to sit next to) and the food was delicious. I do not know how it is from week to week as the hostess Jen was an amazing chef, so I felt that she really put on a show for all of us during our time there.

My only issue with the entire experience is the drive in. It takes about 4 hours to get there and the last 45 minutes are pure hell. It is definitely not a roller coaster ride or some fun excursion. My family and I felt slightly limited with activities simply because we did not want to get back on that road to go to the river or to town (which we wanted to do). Other than that, I heard from other guests that the activities were really great and definitely worthwhile.

Who would I recommend Glenburn to? Someone that is very interested and truly passionate about tea, someone that realizes what India is really about (yes there was trash on the tea estate as well...which made me pretty sad and the air pollution is pretty unbelievable), and a great conversationalist for the communal dinners. The weather was beautiful at the end of February and beginning of March and I would highly recommend staying here during their winter. The scenery is beautiful (when you can see it) and the people were absolutely lovely. Would I stay there again? Yes, but next time I would build a helipad so I didn’t have to make that drive haha. :)”