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As members of Secret Retreats (Retreats, Villas, Cruises or Tables) we pledge to:
1. Set up a Safety Team made of representatives from all departments within the hotel to set protocols, manage and train staff in all aspects of maintaining a safe environment for both guests and the staff.
2. To keep up to date with the latest advice from WHO*, CDC* and public health authorities on how to maintain a safe environment for guests and staff.
3. Create an action plan to safely manage suspected coronavirus cases whether guests or staff.
4. Ensure any staff that exhibit symptoms typical of coronavirus or that have come in contact with guests or other staff suspected or ill with coronavirus seek medical advice and are quarantined for 14days.
5. Implement and follow the guidelines and recommendations of WHO, CDC and public health authorities for the protection of guests and staff from the coronavirus.
6. Implement and follow the guidelines and recommendations of WHO, CDC and public health authorities for cleaning and disinfecting within the hotel and guest rooms to protect against the transmission of coronavirus.
7. Ensure the safety of staff through proper training, the provision of PPE* and barrier gesture discipline (social distancing, respiratory etiquette and hand hygiene).
8. Maintain a stock of PPE and ensure staff and guests are fully trained in the correct use of PPE that they may be provided with, including wearing, removing and safe disposal.
9. Ensure that hygiene and cleaning services are enhanced throughout the property with all high contact surfaces of the hotel regularly disinfected.
10. Ventilate all guest rooms daily, and where a suspected coronavirus case was staying before rooms will be ventilated for 24hrs before then cleaning, disinfecting and re-opening the room to new guests.
11. Ensure that housekeeping staff are fully trained in the new cleaning standards required and how to keep themselves and their colleagues safe (including correct use of PPE, correct disinfectants to use with each surface type, ventilation of rooms and the safe management of laundry).
12. Set up clearly marked hand cleaning stations throughout the property with hand sanitizer dispensers provided in all common areas throughout the hotel.
13. Set detailed cleaning protocols for all areas of the hotel with special attention to high contact areas such as gyms, swimming pools, spas, common lounge areas, restaurants and bars.
14. Post information in the form of leaflets and posters throughout the property to remind staff and guests how to stay safe and protect each other from coronavirus.
15. Ensure all staff are fully informed and trained in all safety protocols and are also able to communicate (and enforce) these protocols clearly to all visitors, service providers and guests to the property.
16. Ensure that air conditioner filters are regularly cleaned, and all ventilation, air exchange, and dehumidification equipment is working and regularly maintained.
17. Ensure that all water systems (spas, steam rooms, hot tubs, swimming pools, showers) are well maintained and disinfected in line with manufacturers recommendations.
18. Set all restaurant and bar tables to seat a max of 4 persons per 10sqm with tables set with 1m distance measured from backs of chairs, and guests who face each other to be at least 1.5m apart.
19. Adapt the entertainment program and the opening of services and facilities (including swimming pools, spa, gym and fitness areas) to follow recommendations of WHO, CDC and public health authorities.
20. Encourage bill payments to be made by credit cards or bank transfers wherever possible to reduce contact and opportunity for contamination. Systematically disinfect payment terminals.
21. Impose compliance with barrier gestures (social distancing, hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette) on all guests, visitors, service providers and staff. Provide multi-lingual information cards at the front desk and in the restaurant to support this.*WHO – World Health Organization
*CDC – Centre for Disease Control
*PPE – Personal Protection Equipment

Voyagez au cœur de l’Asie avec Secret Retreats

Secret Retreats est une communauté d'hôtels de charme indépendants, de villas, de croisières en mer ou sur les fleuves d’Asie, dont les propriétaires partagent tous une même passion du voyage, de leurs cultures et traditions et aiment à les faire découvrir de manière responsable. Cette volonté de préserver l'environnement, la culture et les traditions dans lesquels nous vivons ici est essentielle pour nous tous dans un monde où le danger est l’uniformisation et le non-respect. Professionnels de l'hôtellerie aux valeurs communes, nous souhaitons vous offrir des expériences de voyages authentiques et originaux qui vous feront découvrir l'essence même de l'Asie.

Laissez-nous vous inspirer et prendre soin de votre portefeuille en même temps!
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