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Discover Indonesia’s Best Locally-Sourced Cuisine
 Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago with more than 17,500 islands. As far as local ingredients go, that’s an unparalleled array of choice and diversity for in-the-know chefs. At Secret Tables, we have handpicked three of the best restaurants in the country that specialise in using only locally-sourced, sustainable ingredients for their cuisine.
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Chef Kieran Morland uses a wide range of woods and charcoal to create unique dishes that showcase the distinct regional flavours of the Indonesian archipelago. The menu offers creative interpretations on traditional Indonesian dishes and changes weekly based on the produce and ingredients available in the market.
Located in the sophisticated Seminyak-Kerobokan neighbourhood, Chef Kieran revisits traditional recipes and makes use of more unusual Indonesian ingredients such as jukut undis (local lentils), nasi jagung (ground corn), kenari (local almonds), kemangi (local basil), torch ginger, belimbing, taro, fern tips, curry leaves, kencur, jangu [AM1] and cassava. The same creative approach is used to make the range of interesting cocktails found at Sangsaka’s well-stocked in-house bar. The intimate restaurant seats just 40 people so book your table in advance!



NUSA Indonesian Gastronomy
Nusa is a short for Nusantara, meaning “archipelago” in Indonesian. Using carefully selected ingredients collected from the far reaches of the archipelago, NUSA Indonesian Gastronomy showcases the different regions through each bite in a truly dynamic menu. The set menu of four to six dishes changes regularly depending upon what ingredients are available fresh from the farms located far and wide, from Sumatra to Papua. Led by the intoxicatingly creative Chef Ragil, the cuisine tells the edible story of Indonesia with every dish embodied with an interesting story of its cultural background, highlighted through ingredients and origin.

Reflecting a discreet Indonesian elegance and nestled away from the busy bustle of Jakarta, this relaxing, charming restaurant is located inside a beautifully renovated Dutch colonial era house. Allow chef Ragil to take you on a culinary journey through Indonesia and explore each unique place through your palate.




If you eat at only one restaurant in Ubud, make it Locavore. Listed consistently in Asia’s Top 50 Best Restaurants, Locavore has become a local dining institution and is one of the most sought-after reservations in Southeast Asia. Locavore is all about local ingredients prepared with the magic creative twist of Chefs Elke and Ray. The chef-duo brings together a unique and original cuisine that celebrates Indonesia’s farmers, fishers and food artisans while using modern European cooking techniques. Artfully presented, meticulously prepared and utterly delicious, dive into the cuisine of Locavore in an exhilarating fine dining experience.


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