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For over 3 months now, first China, then the rest of the world has been facing and fighting this new virus COVID-19. Petrified and not always receiving accurate information, we have modified our lives, stopped travelling and even stopped going out in some cases.
But when we look at the actual facts, South East Asia and the Indian sub-continent report very few active cases – in fact, guests travelling now, report back to us how lucky they feel to be travelling at the moment, as most airports are very quiet (no queues at immigration), aircraft have more spaces, so you can now have a whole row to yourself! Unheard of previously!
On site, hotels are offering amazing deals and upgrades, so guests are even more pampered than usual. You can enjoy deserted white sand beaches and visit some of the – usually -most crowded historic sites, such as Angkor Wat or Borobudur Temple with less competition now for your
awesome photo shots!
So, if you are generally fit and in good health, don’t be ‘scared away’ by the frightening media coverage and come and grab some of the many hidden gems just waiting for you to discover around Asia. Face masks really aren’t everywhere you look but do come and see for yourself.
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