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Balance your life with 4 elements style travel
The ancient Greeks believed that there were four elements that everything was made up of: earth, water, air, and fire. Each of the four elements contains its own unique properties, which work simultaneously to create one united universe. Like each one of the Secret Retreats Journeys that has its own unique qualities to offer the experiential seeking traveller.
Experience the true natural wonders of earth, water, air, and fire at these Secret Retreats’ destinations.


Earth Building, Tulou Boutique Hotel

Earth: Created in Earth style building, Tulou Boutique Hotel is set in an ancient rural village in green hills and well worth a visit for anyone with an interest in history, architecture or traditional culture.
Located in the unspoilt Taxia village, a UNESCO Word Heritage site, the hotel is a luxury stay, but also a well-protected historic site. Around the property, the village has a history of more than 600 years and includes many well-preserved original Tulou Buildings. Get lost in culture and forget the time as you take tea in the tea rooms and observe the people and their unique lifestyle, join a pottery workshop or listen to the traditional Hakka music while admiring the timeless scenes surrounding you and the mountains beyond.




Warung Cooking Class, Tugu Bali
Fire: Fire up your cooking skills in a traditional Balinese-style kitchen, complete with wood-fired mud brick stoves. The Warung cooking class in Hotel Tugu offers more than just a cooking experience. This museum boutique hotel owned by an Indonesian antiques collector since the mid 1960s contains one of the largest original art collections in Southeast Asia. With architecture inspired by a secluded village in Central Bali. The charming thatched suites are peppered amid lush tropical gardens and lotus ponds.



Fresh Mountain Air, Phu Chai Sai
Air: Expect crisp cold mountain air, wide vistas with amazing sunrise views, and a warm genuine welcome from the staff. Phu Chai Sai is a reminder that mindful living with nature is possible, even in this modern age. Guests live simply, in comfort, and close to nature. Everything moves a bit slower than in the city and that is part of the charm of this hidden paradise. At Phu Chai Sai, luxury is intended for the spirit and comes from nature: a sunrise across the horizon, the unspoiled mountain fresh air, the sound of the forest...



Cottages over the water, Misool Eco Resort
Water: Set on a private island, this tropical paradise is only reachable by boat from Sorong. This remote resort is perfect for people who would like to unplug and experience something truly unique. Misool has powder white sand beaches, turquoise lagoons, pristine coral reefs, cockatoos, parrots, baby sharks, and turtles. The cottages are built on stilts over the water while villas are nestled either on the beach or on the edge of the lagoon.
Misool Eco Resort also, in collaboration with Shark Savers and the support of the Palau, Maldives and Hawaiian government, organized a petition that turned Raja Ampat into a shark and Manta ray sanctuary and as a result of working closely with their local community they have established some of the most biodiverse reefs in the world thanks to their controlled No-Take Zone around their island to protect the island’s marine life.


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