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Experience the essence of
Bangkok’s gastronomy
Bangkok: a food lover’s paradise where travellers from around the globe go to have their taste buds ignited. It is in this great culinary destination that Secret Tables chefs interlace their passion for food with their desire to showcase the essence of Thailand by using only locally-sourced, sustainable ingredients.
Whether you are seeking an exotic dinner cruise, wishing to step into the world of Michelin-starred cuisine, or looking for a private chef’s table hidden in a Bangkok skyscraper, this is Bangkok’s gastronomy at its best.


Just awarded his first Michelin star, Le Du’s head chef and owner, Thitid Tassanakajohn, aka Chef Ton, is considered one of Thailand’s most progressive culinary figures. Also listed in Asia’s Top 50 Best Restaurants, Chef Ton believes Thailand is one of the best places on earth for fine ingredients. He sources only quality ingredients from local farmers who grow produce with love and care, then combines them with modern cooking techniques turning them into something tastefully fanciful and extraordinary.
Le Du comes from the Thai word – “ฤดู”, a synonym for the word “season” in Thai. The name reflects an emphasis on culinary creations created out of seasonal produce. The modern Thai-inspired eatery offers set 4 courses and tasting menus that feature the agricultural bounty of Thailand and its centuries-old culinary cultures paired with intriguing wines from around the world.



The most recent addition to the Secret Tables community, Chef Steven John Hurni has converted the main room of a Bangkok high-rise building into a cosy dining room. More than a restaurant, Empty Plates is a private chef’s table or, more accurately, a private chef’s dining room. Chef Steven is fascinated with local ingredients, the differences in Asian cuisines and the fundamentals of cooking. He opened Empty Plates in April 2018 to share the food he likes, in the unique way he likes to serve it – creative, innovative and ambitious, with no fear of crossing boundaries, because there are none in cooking – always prioritising taste over anything else.
As all the ingredients are mainly sourced locally, a strong Thai influence is distinct within the cuisine, however the menu cannot be easily labelled. Technique and presentation comes from an abundance of different influences, including Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indian, French and Swiss. The focus is on everyday ingredients that guests can relate to, but the chef shows his guests how these foods can be used and eaten differently. He also aims to use less-known or underutilised local ingredients that he receives from farmers or finds at the fresh markets.



Supanniga Cruise is a charming 2-deck, 40-seat floating restaurant on the Chao Phraya River, serving Eastern Thai family recipes. Coming from the team behind Bangkok’s much lauded Supanniga Eating Room, guests can dine in unrivalled elegance and style whilst cruising along the famed ‘River of Kings’ past Bangkok’s most historical landmarks. Supanniga Cruise serves authentic, savoury Thai cuisine using premium ingredients from Thailand’s seaside towns including fish sauce, kapi (dried shrimp paste) and salted fish. With recipes that have been passed on for more than 80 years from the owner’s grandmother, Khunyai Somsri, the cuisine showcases delicacies from the Trat and Chantaburi provinces, with a slight Isaan touch.
A 6-course set menu of traditional Thai cuisine is served during the Taittinger Champagne Dinner Cruise. The Evening Cocktail Cruise is enjoyed with cocktails by Vesper with Supanniga savouries, mocktails and wines also available. Champagne and savouries are served on the weekend’s Taittinger Champagne Evening Cruise.


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