Le Népal, ou encore « la demeure des Dieux » eu égard peut-être à la chaîne himalayenne, cette muraille géante entre le Népal et la Chine.

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Hotels in La Vallée de Pokhara

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Hotels in La Vallée de Pokhara

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Itineraries in Nepal:


Himalaya trekking has to top the list for all holidays in Nepal, with 8 of the world’s 10 tallest mountains in Nepal walking the Himalayas is an incredible, unforgettable experience that most people want to repeat again and again, as they say locally, ‘once is never enough’. In fact Nepal regularly tops the top 10 lists including CNTraveller’s Best Travel Destination, Rough Guide’s Best Countries List and as one of the Best Ecotourism Destinations in Asia.

But the experiences don’t start and finish at the Himalayan mountains. A country of great variety topographically it is home to both the highest mountain in the world, Everest, and also home to probably the deepest gorge on earth, Kali Gandaki, at over 5,000m deep. With Everest at 8,850m above sea level to the lowest point in the south of the country, Kanchan Kalan, at just 70m above sea level, Nepal has 5 climactic zones ranging from subtropical below 1,200m, temperate between 1,200 and 2,400m, the cold zone between 2,400m and 3,600m, the sub-arctic from 3,600m to 4,400m and finally
the arctic zone at above 4,400m.

All this topographical variety provides Nepal with a rich variety of wildlife from rhinos and tigers in the jungle to red pandas and snow leopards on the mountains, and of course not forgetting the national flower of Nepal, the rhododendron. The Secret Retreats boutique hotel, the Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge, is perfectly placed between valley and mountain an excellent base for your Nepal holidays. Whether walking in Nepal or looking to relax with family and experience the unique Nepali culture the Secret Retreats concierge can assist you with planning your vacation to provide you with a tailormade itinerary to suit you and your travelling companions, family or friends.


Luxury with Secret Retreats is in the quality of the experience not the plushness of the upholstery or the room appointments. Rather than focus on the typical qualities that identify a luxury hotel at Secret Retreats we are looking for a true sense of place and a sincerity in the way that hospitality is delivered to the guest that is more akin to the feeling of a visiting friend staying in a beautiful home than simply a guest staying in a luxury hotel. The luxury in Secret Retreats is in the experience, a stay in a Nepal luxury hotel with Secret Retreats one has to gain the essence of the destination, to feel at home with those that call the destination home, to achieve the peace of mind that you leave more than footprints and your stay has contributed to the preservation of the quality of life of the destination you visited whether contributing to preserving local culture or traditions, or preserving the local environment in some small way. This is the real luxury of a stay in a Secret Retreats member property.


From the immensity of Nepal’s topography to the corresponding variety in its climactic zones, Nepal offers the visitor a wealth of variety. All this variety of course provides a great backdrop to a variety of stays, whether planning a Nepal honeymoon, or a family trekking holiday or perhaps travelling solo and walking the Himalayas the options for your Nepal vacation are as varied as the country itself. Home to people since Neolithic times Nepal has a rich history spanning 1000s of years much of which is preserved and handed down the generations in the Nepali love of folklore and celebrated in traditional music and dance. While the dominant religion is Hinduism Nepal did in fact give Buddhism to the world, Siddharta Gautama, the founder of Buddhism was born in Nepal over 2,500years ago. The richness and diversity of Nepali culture is incredible and especially so when one considers the fact that nearly 75% of the total land area of Nepal is in fact mountains, largely of a Himalayan scale. It is then I suppose no surprise that Nepal is also home to one of the world’s most famous soldiers, famed for their battle spirit and resilience, the Gurkhas. From the six seasons of Nepal - Basanta (spring), Grishma (early summer), Barkha (summer monsoon), Sharad (early autumn), Hemanta (late autumn) and Shishir (winter) – to the rich variety of wildlife living within a variety of biomes, from tropical savannahs on the border with India, to the temperate broadleaf and coniferous forests on the slopes of the Himalayas, to the higher mountain grasslands and shrublands, there is no end to the variety in Nepal. Contact the Secret Retreats Concierge now to start planning your holidays in Nepal and come and experience this rich and fascinating land of variety for yourself.

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