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Profitez tranquillement d’un voyage de 3 jours le long du Mékong, dans le Sud du Laos pour découvrir les trésors d’une des régions les plus remarquables - le site mythique de Vat Phou appartenant au Patrimoine Mondial de l’UNESCO, considéré comme le berceau de l’architecture khmère. Equipé de 12 cabines, ce boutique hôtel flottant vous transportera au travers de paysages intemporels, dont l’impressionnant Si Phun Don, aux “4000 îles”, et les chutes de Phaheng, les plus grandes du Sud Est asiatique.

Rates from 800USD for a 2 nights’ cruise for 2 persons


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Vat Phou Cabins (Double & Twin)

  • Vat Phou Cabins (Double & Twin)
  • Vat Phou Cabins (Double & Twin)
  • Vat Phou Cabins (Double & Twin)
  • Vat Phou Cabins (Double & Twin)
  • Vat Phou Cabins (Double & Twin)
  • Vat Phou Cabins (Double & Twin)
  • Vat Phou Cabins (Double & Twin)
  • Vat Phou Cabins (Double & Twin)
  • Vat Phou Cabins (Double & Twin)
Vat Phou Cabins (Double & Twin)
12 elegant twin shared cabins, each with a view over the river, fully air-conditioned. The cabins are fitted with dressing tables, a wardrobe, a private bathroom with a hot shower and a western style toilet. Life jackets are available in a variety of sizes including children’s sizes.


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Vessel Facilities & Highlights

All meals are included during the cruise and the galley produces the specialties from Laos, Vietnam and Thailand, lovingly prepared and beautifully presented.

The boat will stop along to Mekong to visit several sites like
  • the Vat Phou ruins, a majestic pre-Angkorian temple complex
  • the village of Tom and the mysterious hidden forest temple of Oum Muong
  • the small village of Ban Deua Tia, known for its centuries old traditional way of life
  • the island of Don Khong, the largest inhabited island in the river archipelago

    Votre hôte et l'équipe

    “Vat Phou crews are local villagers from along the southern end of the Mekong River in Laos, providing income to communities we visit. While learning the importance of hygiene and living in a healthy environment, they are still continuing to improve their English and customer service skills through regular training programs. All crew on the boat live and work in harmony and consider one other as family. This is the beauty of the Vat Phou Cruise.”


    “The Vat Phou Cruises offer a peaceful and unique way to explore the splendor of the Mekong River, the artery of life in Laos, also known as The Mother of Waters and worshiped for thousands of years. The cruise will lead you to the UNESCO World Heritage Vat Phou Temple during a 3-day voyage aboard a luxurious floating hotel between Pakse and Champasak.”

    Kim, the discoverer.

    Useful Information

    Cruising Areas: Mekong River (Southern Laos)
    Length: 34 m
    Beam: 7.50m
    Number of Cabins: 12
    Annual Docking: June
    Time zone: (GMT+07:00) Hanoi
    Currency accepted: USD, LAK
    Electricity voltage: 220V
    Electricity plug type:    
    Your concierge is ready to assist you with planning and completing your reservation, contact them on
    The meeting point for each cruise is in th center of Pakse, at the Sinouk Coffee House at 9:30am. From there we transfer you to the boat.