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This stunning, chic and modern ryokan Kishi-ke is conveniently located in the ancient coastal city of Kamakura, about an hour’s drive from Tokyo. The capital city of Japan nearly 1,000years ago Kamakura makes for the perfect setting for Kishi-ke where the old world and the new world meet in a beautiful and unique mix of old-world traditional Japanese hospitality and uber-modern design and aesthetics. Kishi-ke is a modern ryokan that has been designed to be privatized. With 1 bedroom set with 2 semi-double beds and 1 luxurious Japanese bathroom Kishi-ke accommodates from 1 to 4 guests, privately. The bright and airy bathroom is set with a separate shower and a Japanese cypress-wood bath, with Japanese bath salts and herbs provided to guarantee a perfectly relaxing bathing experience. Breakfast is included in the rate and follows the ‘shojin ryouri’ principles, seasonal and plant based, and as an additional service (additional charges apply) lunches and dinners can be prepared and served to your requirements by the ryokan’s chef.
With ocean views across the manicured garden of the ryokan the tatami-matted living room, or ‘washitsu’, is where guests can relax, dine, sleep (it can be set for sleeping using traditional Japanese futon bedding for up to 3 people) and enjoy cultural activities such as the Japanese tea ceremony, traditional arts and crafts, the mindfulness of preparing ‘shojin ryouri’ dining (the seasonal, plant-based cuisine of Buddhist monks) or the art of the ‘katana’ – the Samurai’s famous sword. The family that designed and built Kishi-ke used elements from an ancestral samurai home to decorate and build this ryokan, from old to new, and many of the decorative pieces within Kishi-ke are ‘one of a kind’. And the delightful garden offers guests the chance to practice mindfulness as is practiced every morning by the monks in the gardens and grounds of Japan’s Buddhist temples. Experiential and immersive, and sincerely Japanese, a stay at Kishi-ke defines the oft used term ‘sense of place’, contact the Secret Retreats concierge to plan and book your stay before it books out.

Starting price: 1,400 USD/night


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“We have designed the property with the Zen philosophy of Chisoku – loosely translated as mindful contentment with what you have in life. We want to make your life a bit better and your travel experiences extraordinary. We have selected activities, experiences, food, people, things for you to feel and explore. If you find during your visit something good for your inner self to take back home, we would be delighted. Our favorite zen concept is chisoku – to know the feeling of being fulfilled with the now. Everything at Kishi–ke modern ryokan is there to bring you closer to feel, experience and appreciate the concept of chisoku’.”



Designed to be booked in its entirety, Kishi-ke sleeps from 1 to 4 guests, privately and exclusively. This modern ryokan has 1 bedroom, set with 2 semi-double beds (122cm × 195cm) and the tatami-floored living room can also be set for sleeping with traditional Japanese futon bedding, and sleeps up to 3 people. Infants (0 to 2years) can be accommodated for free and do not count towards the maximum occupancy of the ryokan. Amenities at Kishi-ke include: fully air-conditioned; daily plant-based breakfast; complimentary wifi; use of an iPhone to contact staff during your stay; free use of a pocket-wifi router during your stay; safe deposit box; organic cotton bathrobes, pyjamas and towels provided for use during your stay; complimentary tea, coffee, soft drinks and a selection of alcoholic beverages.

Facilities and Highlights


Facilities and Highlights

  • Modern Ryokan Kishi-Ke highlight
  • Modern Ryokan Kishi-Ke highlight
  • Modern Ryokan Kishi-Ke highlight
  • Modern Ryokan Kishi-Ke highlight

  • Delightful Japanese garden with ocean views.
  • Beach 50m walk from Kishi-ke.
  • Free use of a portable WiFi router during your stay.
  • Luxury Japanese cypress-wood bathtub.
  • Activities available (additional charges apply) at the property include: traditional Japanese tea ceremony, Buddhist ‘shojin ryouri’ plant-based cooking, practice zazen meditation with a Zen Buddhist monk, learn about the art of the Katana sword, and many more activities that will share the stories of traditional Japan with you…

Useful Information

Time zone: (GMT+09:00) Tokyo
Currency accepted: JPY
Electricity voltage: 100V
Electricity plug type:  
Your concierge is ready to assist you with planning and completing your reservation, contact them on
Transfers can be arranged from Tokyo by private car.
Airport: Tokyo Haneda International Airport - 47 km
Airport: Narita International Airport - 122 km
Train Station: Hase (450m) – Enoshima Electric Railway (stop EN12)
Train Station: Kamakura Station - 1.9 km

21-5 Sakanoshita Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa-ken, 248-002 , Japan

“Kishi-ke immerses guests in a Zen-like lifestyle within an uber-modern setting yet still sharing the uniquely Japanese ryokan hospitality experience with guests. Exclusive and private, Kishi-ke is the ultimate ryokan experience beautifully rendered for the 21st century.”
Kim, the discoverer.

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