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Founded more than 20 years ago by the renowned explorer-anthropologist and champion of eco-tourism, Dr. Werner Weiglein, The Baliem Valley Resort is at once a boutique resort nestled within the Papuan Highlands, an example of the successful integration of hospitality and eco-tourism within a pristine natural environment, and a gateway to access and learn about the peoples of these remote highlands - the Dani and Lani tribal groups. Respectful of the traditions of the local Dani people and taking care to work in harmony with the local environment, The Baliem Valley Resort was constructed from locally sourced materials with the design of the guest accommodations, the bungalows, and the resort’s buildings reflecting and paying homage to their heritage, the traditional Dani (Honai) huts.

Set within a 1,600-hectare site, The Baliem Valley Resort was carefully placed to share magnificent panoramic views of the Trikora Mountains and the Baliem Valley below. With just 15 bungalows, each one has been carefully positioned to ensure privacy and make the most of the views from each bungalow’s terrace. The majority of the resort’s 1,600hectares is set aside as a nature reserve, creating a truly wild garden where Papua’s stunning Birds of Paradise are regular visitors. The resort also includes a lobby lounge displaying some of Dr. Weiglein’s collection of tribal art and artifacts collected over more than 40years of expeditions, a restaurant offering deliciously freshly prepared Indonesian cuisine with the produce all sourced from local farmers and growers, and some truly incredible once in a lifetime guided tours to experience the nature and tribal cultures of the Baliem Valley. A stay at The Baliem Valley resort is one of those increasingly rare opportunities to really get off grid and experience life untouched by modernity, and witness lifestyles seemingly unchanged by the passage of time.

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“If you are a traveller, there are few areas in the world as exotic and remote as the highlands of Papua. Our resort has been around for a long time, pioneering sustainable tourism in New Guinea. What began back in 2000, we continue today with pride and gratitude. Together with our Papuan staff, we offer our guests a unique time with many fantastic experiences. Just arrive and let go, because you can’t travel any further!”



Deluxe Honai Bungalows (15 units)

  • Deluxe Honai Bungalows (15 units)
  • Deluxe Honai Bungalows (15 units)
  • Deluxe Honai Bungalows (15 units)
  • Deluxe Honai Bungalows (15 units)
Deluxe Honai Bungalows (15 units)
The guest bungalows at the Baliem Valley Resort reflect their Dani tribal heritage in design and construction. Made from locally sourced wood the design is in harmony with the environment ensuring it is well ventilated and never too hot or too cold for the occupants. The sustainable design means largely unsustainable devices such as air-conditioners are not necessary at the resort. At 35sqm each bungalow is set with either a king size bed or 2 queen size beds and comfortably sleeps 2 guests, or a maximum of 3 guests with the addition of an extra bed. The bungalows also enjoy an en-suite bathroom with shower and hot running water, bottled drinking water, and tea/coffee sets.

Facilities and Highlights


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Facilities and Highlights

  • The Baliem Valley Resort highlight
  • The Baliem Valley Resort highlight
  • The Baliem Valley Resort highlight
  • The Baliem Valley Resort highlight
  • The Baliem Valley Resort highlight

  • Viewing Terrace:
    Perfectly positioned to share breathtaking views of the Baliem Valley and the Trikora Mountains beyond. The ideal spot to while away an afternoon looking in wonder at the surrounding forest and nature.
  • The Baliem Valley Resort Nature’s Garden:
    With most of the resort’s 1,600hectares of grounds set aside to nature, the property surrounded by untouched nature, sharing a rich variety of wildlife, birdlife and plants just a few steps from each bungalow. Staff at the resort are happy to share with guests their knowledge of the surrounding plants and wildlife too.
  • Tours and Excursions:
    With the Baliem Valley Resort founded by one of the region’s most renowned explorers the tours crafted and guided at Baliem Valley are second to none and not to be missed.
    - Visit a traditional pig festival, an unforgettable experience.
    - Take a guided hike to a Dani saltwater spring and visit the famed Jiwika Mummy.
    - Guided excursions to the almost primordial Lake Habema, the highest lake in Indonesia.
    - Enjoy a guided hike in the southern Baliem Valley and learn about the Dani people.
    - Meet the local farmers and families of the resort staff on a guided hike in the local area surrounding the Baliem Valley Resort.
  • The Highlander Restaurant:
    The restaurant at The Baliem Valley Resort shares a feast for the eyes as much as a feast for the stomach. The restaurant terrace gives diners panoramic views of the Baliem Valley and the Trikora Mountains, and decorating the restaurant and lobby lounge are tribal art and artifacts collected by Dr. Weiglein over his more than 40years of expeditions. The restaurant kitchen serves the freshest farm to table Indonesian cuisine created from produce sourced daily from local farmers. As a result, the restaurant menu reflects the seasons and availability of produce.

Useful Information

WiFi and Mobile Phone: Available but an often-unreliable signal
Total number of rooms: 15 rooms
Opening time:
Check-in from 14:00
Check-out until 12:00

Annual closing:

Time zone: (GMT+09:00) Tokyo
Currency accepted: IDR
Electricity voltage: 220V
Electricity plug type:  
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Located in the hills above Wamena, Papua, about 45minutes drive from Wamena Airport. Please contact the Secret Retreats concierge to book your private airport transfers.
Airport: Wamena Domestic Airport (WMX) - 18 km

Desa Sekan, Kecamatan Siepkosi - Papua 80034 , Indonesia



We are also specialized in organizing day tours and longer trips in the Baliem Valley and wider Papua. We sincerely respect the environment and the traditions of the Dani people and as such The Baliem Valley Resort places great emphasis on community involvement. The resort is located in the middle of inhabited Dani land and every morning groups of Dani can be seen passing by the restaurant after completing their daily harvest from their fields. A small school and church are also located on the resort’s grounds.

The Baliem Valley Resort is 100% powered by green energy from a hydroelectric plant. We recycle rainwater for our restaurant and use the nearby mountain river for the water supply needed for the bungalows. Most of the food we cook comes from the organic Dani farms surrounding the resort with the restaurant menu offering dining choices that are always in harmony with the seasons.

The resort team consists of 23 staff members, 20 of whom are from the local Dani tribe, with most of the staff having been with us since day one. For more than 20 years we have dedicated ourselves to being a reliable and respectful place to work, and we have maintained that promise and commitment even throughout the economically very challenging 2 years of the covid crisis.

“Home of Dr. Werner Weiglein expeditions, The Baliem Valley Resort was built on a sincere love and appreciation of the rare cultures of the peoples that call this part of Papua home. With unique and trusted access to the tribal peoples of the Papuan Highlands, a stay at the Baliem Valley Resort shares with its guests a truly unique opportunity to connect with and witness the ancient lifestyles of the Dani and Lani tribal groups and live, if just for a while, immersed in the richly biodiverse and pristine nature of the Papuan Highlands, all the while ensconced in the rustic-luxe of the Baliem Valley Resort.”
Kim, the discoverer.

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