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A timeless property set within a timeless landscape, Rawla Bisalpur is a magical place. With a history and a heritage that dates back to the early 16th century Rawla Bisalpur Boutique Hotel is a truly unique property that shares a deep sense of place with its guests. Built as a royal palace for a noble family of Bisalpur, the present building dates from the 17th century and with some modernisation of the palace taking place in the early 20th century. Today part of the palace is run as the Rawla Bisalpur boutique hotel, offering 3 guest rooms and 1 suite to guests looking to explore the regal, cultural and wildlife wonders of Rajasthan. Set on the Aravalli Range, a range of mountains that stretch more than 600kms from Delhi to Gujarat, Rawla Bisalpur is located close to Jawai Bandh which is one of the best places to see the Indian Leopard, or Jawai Leopard as it has become known here, and a lot of other fascinating wildlife too. One of Rajasthan’s largest reservoirs is located near here too and is home to more than 100species of migratory and resident birds including pelicans, cranes, flamingos, spoonbills, bar headed geese and the Indian eagle owl. Rawla Bisalpur is the perfect destination and home from home for nature lovers, romantics, and folks who want to discover, explore and enjoy the rich culture and history of Rajasthan.

The team at Rawla Bisalpur includes a concierge to assist with planning activities and tours. The family and team at Rawla Bisalpur have long been and are still today very much a part of the local community, ensuring that all the activities and tours arranged are ecologically and culturally sensitive. Activities include leopard safaris, wildlife and birdlife watching, guided village walks to meet the local community, cooking classes and farm picnics.

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“The idea behind Rawla Bisalpur Boutique Homestay, was to open our palace in a responsible and sustainable way to the intrepid and enthusiastic traveller keen to discover the history, culture and wildlife of our beautiful home here in Jawai Bandh, Rajasthan. Our aim is to showcase the traditional way of living and Rajasthan culture to our guests. Our heritage boutique hotel endeavours to pamper your taste buds too with sustainable and organic produce sourced locally from the village farms or grown in our own fields. Our 4 rooms are almost plastic free and we help the local industry by using the camel milk soaps made by the semi-nomadic Rabaris in our bathroom amenities. We also employ water harvesting and energy efficient lighting at Rawla Bisalpur. Embrace the sustainable and eco-conscious Rawla Bisalpur lifestyle.”


The 3 guest rooms and the suite at Rawla Bisalpur are all air-conditioned and set with private, en-suite bathrooms. Room facilities include toiletries and bathroom amenities crafted by local Rabari artisans, high-pressure showers, complimentary WiFi, tea and coffee set, covid-sensitive housekeeping, room service and in-room dining on request.


The Jodhpur Lancers Rooms (3 units)

  • The Jodhpur Lancers Rooms (3 units)
  • The Jodhpur Lancers Rooms (3 units)
  • The Jodhpur Lancers Rooms (3 units)
  • The Jodhpur Lancers Rooms (3 units)
The Jodhpur Lancers Rooms (3 units)
At 31sqm these rooms comfortably sleep 2 guests or a maximum of 3 guests with the addition of an extra bed (chargeable). The three Jodhpur Lancers Rooms were named from the time when men of the family at Rawla Bisalpur served in the Jodhpur Lancers. Located on the ground floor each room has its own character and is set with a king bed, desk, complimentary WiFi, writing desk, and spacious en-suite private bathroom.

The Bisalpur Suite (1 unit)

  • The Bisalpur Suite (1 unit)
  • The Bisalpur Suite (1 unit)
  • The Bisalpur Suite (1 unit)
  • The Bisalpur Suite (1 unit)
The Bisalpur Suite (1 unit)
Located on the ground floor, The Bisalpur Suite was once the private room of Haridas Ji who was made Bisalpur’s first Rao Saheb, an honorific from the days of the British Empire, and was his study and bedroom. At 50sqm this spacious suite comfortably sleeps 2 guests and is set with either a king bed or twin single beds, complimentary WiFi, writing desk, and spacious en-suite private bathroom.

Facilities and Highlights


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Facilities and Highlights

  • Rawla Bisalpur Jawai-Bandh highlight
  • Rawla Bisalpur Jawai-Bandh highlight
  • Rawla Bisalpur Jawai-Bandh highlight
  • Rawla Bisalpur Jawai-Bandh highlight
  • Rawla Bisalpur Jawai-Bandh highlight

  • Jawai Leopard Safari
    Head to the hills of the Aravallis on a guided safari to spot the enigmatic Jawai Leopard. Travelling by off-road vehicle your guide will share with you the wildlife and birdlife of the surroundings of Rawla Bisalpur. The family of the Rawla Bisalpur Palace has been sighting and swapping stories of leopards since long before the present palace was built. This region is renowned as the best place to see leopards, so much so in fact that the leopards around Rawla Bisalpur are widely referred to as Jawai Leopards.
  • Bird Watching
    The Jawai reservoir is home to more than 100 species of migratory and resident birds. Take a trip to the reservoir to spot flamingos, cranes, spoonbills, snake eagles, egrets, herons and in the surrounding hills the Indian eagle owls. Keep your eye out for the crocodiles too, Jawai is also home to the mugger crocodile.
  • Cooking Classes
    Learn to cook some of the family’s 200year old recipes for dishes from Rajasthan and Rajput cuisines with the first lady of the house, Kunwarani Bhagyawanti Sodha.
  • Guided Village and Community Walks
    The family at Rawla Bisalpur has long been an integral part of the local community and has always strived to support and help their community. The village has a population of more than 4,000 people and still today the villagers and the family at Rawla Bisalpur work closely together on a variety of projects. A guided walk through the village will share with you stories of lifestyles unique to this region, such as the Rabari Shepherds renowned for their red turbans, local weavers and potters, sweet makers and blacksmiths and a visit to the community’s Ashapura Mataji Hindu Temple.
  • A Farm Picnic
    The family at Rawla Bisalpur value eating well and most of the produce used in their kitchen is grown on their own farm. Take a lazy afternoon picnic under shady trees at the family farm enjoying a lunch and afternoon tea of the finest and freshest local produce. Magical moments are made of this.
  • Cuisine
    Dinner is a family affair at Rawla Bisalpur typically served in the evening between 7.30pm and 9.30pm, dining with the family and other in-residence guests. Private dining can also be arranged. Set in the gardens or at the ‘Rewat Chowk’ stables, dinner menus include a variety of dishes from Rajput and Rajasthani cuisines with most of the vegetables, herbs, spices and fruit grown in the family’s own farm.
  • akeside for G&T's
    The perfect setting for a G&T, the beverage first mixed by British army officers in India in the early 19th century as a more palatable way to take quinine. Take in a Jawai sunset over the lake, relax with cocktail in hand and watch the sun set as you swap the stories of the day with friends.

Useful Information

Total number of rooms: 4
Opening time:
Check-in time at Rawla Bisalpur is from 13.00
Check-out is from 11.00

Annual closing:
May, June, July

Time zone: (GMT+05:30) New Delhi
Currency accepted: INR
Credit cards accepted: Visa, Mastercard
Electricity voltage: 220V
Electricity plug type:    
Your concierge is ready to assist you with planning and completing your reservation, contact them on dream@secret-retreats.com
Rawla Bisalpur is located near Jawai Bandh on the Aravalli Range almost halfway between Udaipur and Jodhpur, 5hrs scenic drive from Jaipur, 10hrs scenic drive from Delhi. For assistance with airport transfers or advice on how best to access the property please contact the Secret retreats concierge on dream@secret-retreats.com Airport transfers can be arranged by our team.
Airport: Udaipur Domestic Airport (UDR) - 140 km
Airport: Jodhpur Domestic Airport (JDH) - 150 km
Airport: Ahmedabad (AMD) - 300 km
Airport: Jaipur International Airport (JAI) - 390 km
Train Station: Jawai Bandh Train Station - 4 km

VPO-Bisalpur, Via Jawai Bandh, Rawla, Bisalpur, Rajasthan 306126 , India



The family and team at Rawla Bisalpur have long worked hard to support their homeland and local community. Seen as the head of the 24 villages that make up the Bisalpur estate, the family help and are involved in everything from helping villagers with setting up small businesses, resolving disputes, providing employment and ensuring sustainable development in the area. Rawla Bisalpur also works with and supports local NGOs working to ensure a ready supply of feed and water for local farmer’s animals.

The Rabari Shepherds have been an indelible part of Bisalpur for centuries, from grazing the estate herds to taking care of the temples. The enigmatic leopard has been living in and around our lands for centuries. This co-existence between the community and wildlife has been nurtured to ensure that local people embrace and value this animal as a part of our local family, and is still today an enduring part of our daily lives – in fact our region, the Jawai Bandh, is now a conservation zone for the Indian leopard. We believe it is important to live in harmony with nature, and the myriad of wildlife we share our lands with.

Prior to independence from colonial rule, the menfolk of our family not only took care of their people, but were also active in the British Indian Army. Post-independence saw our family take an active part in politics and the further development of our lands. We helped our people enter the modern, newly-liberated India by getting them the earliest access to the new government schemes and employment opportunities, and Rawla Bisalpur continue to do so today. We have helped develop the villages through construction of new buildings and inter-village metalled roads; the latter allowing the expeditious and uninterrupted transport of crops to the nearest towns. Thakur Prithvi Singh Deora was a member of the Legislative Assembly, Sarpanch of the Bisalpur panchayat, and the chairman of the Agriculture Marketing Board.

The people continue to hold the Bisalpur family in the highest regard. All village festivals and functions are still held under the guidance of the family. To this day, the people of the community come to wish the Thakur family well on festivals such as Holi and Deepavali, where they discuss current issues of the villages, and their plans for the future. We see ourselves as very much a community within a community.

“A delightful family run Heritage Hotel, Rawla Bisalpur is located on a hillside of the Aravalli Range near Jawai Bandh, home to the magnificent Jawai Leopards. Steeped in history this charming 3 room and 1 suite boutique hotel was once a palace with a history that dates back to the 16th century and is the perfect choice for guests looking to discover and enjoy the culture, history and wildlife of Rajasthan.”
Kim, the discoverer.

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