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En raison des nombreuses années de guerre et de génocide, la gastronomie Khmère avait disparu. Le duo de Chefs "Les Jumelles Kimsan" (Kimsan Pol et Kimsan Sok) étaient déterminées à ressusciter les parfums perdus de la cuisine Khmère et voulaient que le monde eût l'opportunité de re-découvrir les saveurs riches du Royaume des Merveilles. Les Chefs commencèrent par effectuer des recherches et se plongèrent dans les archives nationales, fouinant pour des recettesoubliées et des méthodes ancestrales et elles se mirent d'elles-mêmes à l'école d'anciens membres de l'équipe de cuisine de Sa Majesté Royale Norodom Sihanouk. Le restaurant "l'Ambassade" -The Embassy- ouvrit à peine deux ans plus tard en 2015, avec pour but de proposer des repas réservant une expérience culinaire chargée d'aventures et une nouvelle façon de découvrir la gastronomie Cambodgienne. La cuisine sert des plats traditionnels Khmers, avec un tour particulier. Tous les plats tirent leur inspiration d'ingrédients saisonniers locaux, dénichés dans les différentes privinces du Cmabodge à des périodes variables de l'année. Les jumelles Kimsan ouvrirent leur restaurant avec un personnel exclusivement féminin à la barre, afin de mettre en avant la force et les talents des femmes du Cambodge. Leur passion pour la cuisine et leur expérience extensive les ont transportés aux quatre coins du globe, à travers de multiples concours et en travaillant sous la direction de Chefs étoilés par Michelin.

Le menu aux sept plats de The Embassy change chaque mois, avec des produits saisonniers et fournit le meilleur de leur cuisine. Les repas peuvent être mis en harmonie avec les vins.


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  • Atmosphere
Embassy features modern design with the classic touches of a traditional-style Khmer wooden house. The restaurant offers a range of seating options such as a table set inside a tastefully designed room with white walls, or on the indoor terraces overlooking the King’s Road complex.


  • Cuisine
Embassy is a Khmer fine dining experience with a creative flair, prepared by two very passionate chefs, trained by the 3* Michelin Grand Chef Regis Marcon. Combining their experience and their knowledge of Khmer traditions, they have created a truly unique cuisine. They insisted that each dish is served with an explanation of the origin and history of the ingredients, adding a story and education to this beautiful dining experience.

The Chef & the Brigade

“While not being real twins, the Kimsan “twins” are what we could call soul sisters. Their respective mothers were the ‘village cook’, a famous position in Cambodian towns. The village cooks are recognised for their culinary talents and sought for the weddings, funerals, or any kind of ceremony that happens in the surroundings. Kimsan Pol and Kimsan Sok grew up watching their mothers work with fascination, even though becoming chefs was not initially their dream. In 2002, they both became part of the first promotion of the two prestigious hospitalities schools of Siem Reap: Ecole d’hôtellerie Paul Dubrule and Sala Bai. This marked the starting point of their careers. After various experiences in luxury venues in Cambodia and abroad, they decided to open the Embassy restaurant in 2015. Both women were born with a common passion for their country, and a burning desire to revive Khmer gastronomy and show the world the uniqueness of Cambodian flavours. Using the best local produce, they are always in search of providing the highest quality to their guests. To keep improving and finding new inspiration, the Chefs Kimsans participate to various competitive events, and train every year with Michelin-starred Chefs all around the world. The Embassy aims at becoming the reference in terms of Khmer gastronomy.”

Welcome to Siem Reap

Débordant de vie et foisonnant de modèles architecturaux de styles khmer, colonial et chinois, la petite capitale de la province de Siem Reap est à la porte du Parc Archéologique d’Angkor.


The restaurant supports two educational NGOs: Ecole d'hôtellerie et de tourisme Paul Dubrule, and Sala Bai, maintaining a very close relationship with both schools.

The two schools provide top quality education and training to young people in Cambodia. While they do not have the same approach, both train students in kitchen, service, housekeeping, and reception. They offer brilliant careers to students in the hospitality industry. Sala Bai helps the most underprivileged young Cambodians. Each year, they go in the countryside to meet families in needs and present the school. They offer for free the training of 100 students every year. In total Sala Bai has trained more than 1500 students. Ecole Paul Dubrule targets all young Cambodians. The training is to be paid for. It is a way of involving families in the success of the students. Ecole Paul Dubrule has trained nearly 3000 students. Nearly all students from Sala Bai and Ecole Paul Dubrule get a job immediately after graduating. The level of training is excellent. As members of the first opening of both schools, and following their success, Kimsan Sok and Kimsan Pol have became iconic sources of inspiration for new students. They regularly go to the schools to meet and discuss careers with the students, eat at the school's restaurant to support and give their feedback, and support the students in all the events they organise throughout year by cooking for their guests, be it fundraising events or gala dinners with international Chefs.

“The Embassy offre une perspective unique, historique et exotique sur le cuisine Khmère. Sous la supervision créative de l'équipe du Chef Exécutif, les sœurs Kimsan, leur vision partagée est l'utilisation d'ingrédients exclusivement locaux et saisonniers dans leur nourriture, et leur volonté d'offrir aux femmes Khmères une opportunité d'apprendre et d'exceller dans une cuisine entièrement opérée par une équipe féminine.”

Kim, the discoverer.

Useful Information

Taxi directions from Old Market:
ឡើងស្តានថ្លុ រំគ្គដិណ្ឌាតំ បត់ច្ចេង
ដ៏លំយឹងក្ខិតអង្ករិ ធ្នូចបត់ស្តាំ
ប្រហែល ទ្ធិ0ម៉ែតនៅខាងស្តាំផៃ

Opening time:
6.00pm – 11.00pm

Closing period:
Open everyday

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Time zone: (GMT+07:00) Bangkok
Currency accepted: USD, KHR
Credit cards accepted: Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay
Electricity voltage: 220V
Electricity plug type:      
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Opposite the old market, across the Siem Reap River, on street 27.
No particular dress code applies

Street 27, Kings Road Siem Reap 17000 , Cambodia

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