What a Culinary Experience! One of my favorite memories of Yangon

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“During our recent trip to Myanmar, we enjoyed our first luncheon at the newly opened Seeds Restaurant in Yangon. What a great welcome to Yangon! The arrival experience was breathtaking, with a very impressive interior design and a great view over the Inya Lake, and a Lotus Pont right in front of the stunning gardens.

The Seeds Restaurant offers a fine dining experience on the highest level, with a very elegant table setup and custom-designed chinaware that perfectly pairs with the food. In fact, we enjoyed our experience so much that we actually came back again after 2 days to dine again at Seeds.

I wish to offer a big compliment to the service team, because they offered such attentive and professional service under the guidance of Lucia. And of course, the food offered such a highlight to the whole experience, which was prepared by the award-wining Micheline star Chef Felix and his team.

Being a retired hotelier, it was such a delight and a gourmet experience on the highest level. I highly recommend dining here – it is worth every penny for such an excellent experience…one to be remembered!”