Unrivalled favorite

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If you would ask me right now what hotel in the world is your all time favorite, this would definitely be it! As far as i am concerned, Tugu has it all to make me long for a next stay. Even though it was built relatively recently it has been conceived and decorated with such taste and eye for details that it transports you back to an era when time was so much more irrelevant. In spite of its location right next to the Malang town hall, the warm tranquility of the tropical surroundings seems to pervade every single corner of Tugu hotel. Afternoon tea is offered as it would be in a local market stall that somehow miraculously appeared on the first floor amidst the colonial antiques and furniture. Not one sound of the bustling traffic outside reaches the large, impeccably clean rooms, delicately scented with fresh Jasmin flowers, guaranteeing a good night sleep. Excellent beds, a breakfast menu so extensive and varied that you’d wish you could stay forever… Ah! And let’s not forget the excellent wine bar (a little minus for the bartender though, who clearly had to look up the recipes of some very common drinks on his phone). If offered the chance, do take the guided tour of the hotel and you’ll be surprized by what this gem has on offer.