The Most Beautiful Resort I’ve Ever Been

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“My last birthday, I wanted to go somewhere quiet and unique. So I opt for one of my favourite hotel group: Tugu in Lombok.

Tugu hotels are known for their design and stories. The owner is known as one of Indonesia’s biggest antiques collectors, and his collection is so big that whenever he build a hotel or a restaurant, the place will be filled with antiques with lots of stories.

This is exactly what I got. Their Lobby is an antique house called Rumah Ampenan from the Dutch inquisition era, brought to Sire Beach for safekeeping. Their restaurant is called the Bale Kokok Pletok because its roof is shaped like a chicken – and it is made inspired by the tale of Dewi Sri. The whole resort is filled with stories and history of how the thing was made. And all the staff will happily share the stories with you. So they made my whole trip really memorable.

Other than the design part, the whole place is super eco friendly yet still have modern convenience and great amenities. There are two main pools available, aside the ones in the villas. But you might find it hard to leave the beach because it is filled with white soft sands and quiet waves. We love everything about our trip at Hotel Tugu Lombok.

Oh and the food is great too. Their policy is to have breakfast anywhere you want, and we chose to have it in our room on the first morning, and by the beach on the second one. Not just anywhere, but you can order anything you want too. AMAZING!”