Seriously Stunning

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Truly. If you love architecture and antiques, this place is for you. Around every corner is something beautiful or interesting. We stayed in one of the pool villas and it was gorgeous. The only slight negative was the tiling in the pool could use refurbishment as we were getting a bit of rust coming off them while swimming. The beach is incredible. Clear blue and calm. Perfect for snorkeling.Take the resort’s boat to the Gilli Islands. You will not be disappointed. Hearing the call to prayer coming from the many different mosques in the area was unreal. Hearing several muezzin’s singing (if that’s the right word?) you to early morning prayers is my idea of heaven. Food in the restaurant was great. The resort is so large that we didn’t know about the second bar/restaurant until our second night there. There was only one tiny thing that went wrong but I think it needs to be addressed. I came down with some sort of a nasty upper respiratory infection. A doctor was called in and I was given antibiotics. Only problem was, they were the completely wrong drugs. Turns out I had a double ear infection. Had the doctor diagnosed me properly my trip home wouldn’t have been so uncomfortable. That being said, I knew something was wrong and on our way to the airport our driver took me to a hospital where I was given heavy duty decongestants that probably saved my ear drums. Huge kudos to him and the lovely doctors and nurses for getting me in and out of there so quickly! Even with this problem it was pretty much a perfect resort experience. We will be back!