Rustic, Romantic, and Real

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« Mrauk-U ended up being a highlight of our trip to Myanmar.

Unapologetic for what it is, this is not a resort for the picky. It is rough around the edges, and it does seem priced beyond its means. And yet, in the end we were so happy we stayed here. If you are considering splurging on this little gem, then it helps to release any unrealistic expectations.

The rooms are rustic, imperfect, sexy, and luxurious. Loved the spacious bathroom area with double vanity, separate tub and shower. Found the king bed to be super comfy and slept well.

This is a great resort for couples. If you ask for a room with king bed, you will get flower petals strewn every evening. Being surrounded by lotus ponds in rustic charm make for a super romantic excursion.

Feels like a retreat. No TVs on premises and poor WiFi. It helps to have a local SIM card for internet—indispensable for Google maps used for sightseeing. We rented the rickety hotel bicycles each day and loved it.

Staff is fabulous, friendly, warm, and kind.

The kitchen serves probably the best food you can eat in Mrauk U (other than in someone’s home). The prices are also surprisingly reasonable. Eat as much Rakhine food as you can while here and they can make you Rakhine noodle soup for breakfast if you order a day in advance.

The setting is remarkable, away from the town and in its own village. It is great fun riding the resort’s rickety old bicycles through the village, into Mrauk U town, and around the ruins. We did this two days in a row and loved it. Recommend you start early as possible around dawn because it gets hot in the afternoon. Also recommend using GPS/Google Maps. You can make a large circuit of the ruins in one day but two is better. We stayed three nights and it was perfect. We did not do excursion to Chin villages.

I have it on good word that the local owner of the resort gives back to the community, if that helps encourage you to stay.

You can get here by car or boat from Sittwe. We picked this resort to avoid having to deal with the government boat schedule and having to spend the night in Sittwe.

As of writing this, the resort does not list the prices for its airport transfer (boat from Sittwe) on their website. The price for two people is over $500 r/t. This was shocking to me at first because you can take local transport for a fraction of the cost ($40 per person-ish r/t on the govt boat). However, you would have to stay overnight in Sittwe and it would be a hassle. It seems silly saying this, but if you can afford to stay here at all, it is worth paying for their transfer service. The price stings a little but it is so worth it.

The resort has its own boat jetty, and your transport to/from Sittwe is as easy as can be. It’s a really fab ride and infinitely more comfortable than any other way of getting here. They actually cook for you on board (great food). Plus you can arrange to come out here without having to overnight in Sittwe in either direction. That means liberating time to do other stuff in Myanmar and enjoying a silky smooth journey to remote Mrauk U.

Overall I would not have wanted to stay anywhere else in town and strongly recommend staying here if you have an inner princess to please.

When you come with an open mind and heart, your perspective can be transformed and you may come to enjoy it as much as we did. »