Quiet Getaway

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“What and amazing experence I had here. This is by far the best hotel I’ve stayed in while traveling through india. It was so great I extended my stay! it was such a different experence out in the countryside, peacefull and very beautiful away from the hecticness of the city – I had the opertunity to be taken through the small surrounding village and meet some of the local people. I was even invited into someone’s house for some chi (tea) and to see how the locals lived experiencing an aspect of India the larger hotels just don’t offer. Also, as Talabgoan is the home of the owners polo team, there are a bunch of fantastic horses – I don’t ride but for someone who does it’s a terrific destination. The hotel itself is a combination of the old family castle that has been converted into a modern boutique hotel designed to match the highest Europen standards. Amazing food, fantastic pool and a great bar – an oasis in a traditional Indian lanscape
– A must visit!”