Little French Paradise

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“During out stay in a close lodging we came here regularly for family lunch and dining by the beach in this little paradise.
Very nice food clearly ahead of anything around with variety. Green curry – my benchmark – is very well cooked. Delicious Paneng and TKK.
Warm and friendly service.
Kids friendly – can spend hours chasing hermit crabs next to you without bothering.
Beach and horizon view at high tide is the cliche you are looking for, quietly sipping your chilled Chardonnay while waiting for your starter of fresh spring rolls, feet in the sand and sound of waves in the ears.
Also spent Xmas Dinner. Nice buffet in family spirit in a welcoming atmosphere.
For those who:
– look for a nice lunch/dinner in Krabi far from the crowd.
– have a sense of elite and exclusivity without superfluous sophistication.
– are not afraid of being surrounded by (quiet and not too vocal) French.
– don’t mind a slight communautarian skew
– are OK to pay more to get more. Still overall very reasonable.”