Huge comfortable rooms and beautiful grouunds

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« The Mrauk U Princess Resort is the best hotel in Mrauk U and a lovely place to return home to after a day of climbing temples and pagodas. The road from the gate to the reception is probably the best road in all of Mrauk U at the present time. Returning from my day out I was always great with a welcoming cold wash cloth to help cool me off and remove the dust of the day.

Check in as simple, the usual passport registration dance and your leaf shaped key is in you hand in mere minutes. My room (house) was 205. A walk past the resort’s lake, surrounded with greenery and flowers. My bungalow was an easy stroll from reception and the restaurant and bar.

The room was absolutely beautiful and huge. So huge in fact that it sported two (2) A/C units which kept the room very comfortable. This room has two net covered twin beds, I don’t know if double or king sized were available. The bed was comfortable with two pillows and sparkling white sheets. A small writing desk off to the side of the bed and an accessible electrical outlet, for recharging a computer or cell phone. The other side of the room had a nice soft chair and a day bed. Coffee/Tea area. Snap cap bottles of water (they must be filtered water, since I drank from them several times and no ill effects with my sensitive Western tummy). In room safe of course. A plate of welcome fresh fruit was on the table.

The bathroom was clean with a large tub, sunk, shower and toilet. Soaps, shampoos and towels in abundance. The water was always hot and plentiful. The toilet was in it’s own little room that I found a little claustrophobic.

The restaurant and bar were all up to Western standards, and prices. The menu has any type of food you could desire from local dishes, to Asian dishes and a Western selection that I’d recognize anyplace.

The staff could not be more helpful. Look up and someone was there in a flash. Ask for something and it appears. Request something special and it might take a minute or two, but it will happen if possible.

All in all, I loved my stay at the Mrauk U Princess Resort, and if get a chance to visit Mrauk U again, I’ll be staying here again. »