Believe the hype! Amazing experience

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“When people write reviews about restaurants, they focus on the food and generally only comment on the service if it was poor. Well, I will talk briefly about the food. It was superbly prepared and presented. My wife’s steak was one of the most tender I have ever tasted in my entire life. Every aspect of the meal- soup, salad, entree, and dessert were of such high quality and prepared in a manner that words cannot truly describe how wonderful it tasted.

BUT- that is not what made the meal unforgettable. No- it was the people who work there. Their attention to the smallest detail and service was among the best I’ve ever seen. I booked this meal to celebrate both our wedding anniversary and my wife’s birthday. Upon arriving at David’s Kitchen, we had the pleasure of meeting David. When we got to our table, it had both a card for my wife’s birthday and our anniversary waiting on it. During the course of the meal, David came by again and we chatted for a few moments about where we lived, our trip and visit to Thailand, and some other personal facts. When we were leaving, the staff presented my wife with a small floral arrangement for her birthday. That was a great touch.
BUT- what happened the next day is the reason why this meal will be unforgettable. I received an email from David thanking us for dining with him. More importantly, he commented on many of the items we spoke about during our brief conversation. That blew me away! Many owners will talk to their customers, as part of the formal duties, but how many really listen to the customer? David was a kind, gracious, and warm host. It was a pleasure meeting him and I hope to travel back to Thailand again some day to eat at his restaurant. It would be worth every second of the trip halfway around the world to get there.
I cannot say enough about the food and staff. It is no longer a wonder why this restaurant is ranked as one of the finest in the world.”