Beautiful traditional house/inn in traditional Bukchon neighborhood – wonderful to stay and wander nearby

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“This beautiful traditional house (hanok) is set on a side street off Bukchonro road in the center of the Bukchon neighborhood. A convenient subway stop (Anguk Station) is about four blocks away. Rakkojae’s four rooms surround a quiet courtyard. The are four rooms are lovely – each different. We had the smallest room, but it came with a lovely wooden porch overlooking the peaceful and beautiful courtyard. We sat on the porch to read in the morning and afternoons. We also had delicious breakfasts on the porch (we chose the delicious Korean breakfast, but Western is also available). You can arrange to have a Korean dinner served on the porch or in your room – we chose the Galbi dinner, which arrived with many small dishes (panchan) and chapchae (noodles) — everything was delicious and beautiful. There is a small sauna tucked into the hanok – woven mats on the floor and patterns of cherry blossom trees on the walls. The manager Mr. Kim is friendly and helpful. He provided us with ideas and recommendations as we planned our explorations around the Bukchon neighborhood.
We loved staying in the Bukchon neighborhood – fun, with a mix of old beautiful traditional buildings and cute and trendy clothing shops and coffee shops.Two palaces are close by (Gyeongbokong Palace and Changdeokgung Palace) as well as the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art and many art galleries (in Seochon neighborhood nearby).There are also small traditional handcraft workshops to visit. Because of the convenience of Anguk Subway Station and the efficiency of the Seoul subway we were easily able to use Bukchon as our base to explore all of Seoul.

We were so happy with our choice to stay at Rakkojae and in the Bulchon neighborhood.”