A Effortless and Delightful Stay

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“Recently visited Siem Reap for a Hostel Conference and made plans to stay at this boutique hotel. Amidst certain low reviews given to this property, I just had to stay at this property as it was aesthetically appealing to me. I can most certainly say that this is my accommodation of choice when visiting Siem Reap. It is located in between Angkor Wat and Pub St, which means this property is actually rather secluded but yet highly accessible. A getaway which I needed with its serene surroundings.
The property’s staff are extremely accommodating and cheerful, they are always there when you need them. The attention to detail is rather amazing, such as, desserts await your arrival every night when you return to sleep. That privilege doesn’t stop there, I even had a free facial which I dozed off under the care of the therapist. This is truly a suites only hotel and one could only imagine the price you’d have to pay to enjoy such services in a heritage branded suites only hotel such as the Raffles Hotel. I can’t commend the staff more as I enjoyed all my small talks with them. They were quick to think and react, which is great! My friend and I went on a Angkor Wat sunrise tour and it was easily settled in a blink of an eye. The tour is highly recommended by me! As a hotelier myself, I really liked how this place is so intuitive and charming. Essentially as a traveller all I really want is to be pampered and well taken care for, with that, Samar Villa has saw to my expectations. Thank you Samar Villa for making my stay with you so effortless!”