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How does it work?
  • Once you are registered, you will receive your membership ID to use when making either online bookings or via our travel concierge.
  • Accumulate points to reach the next level and enjoy extra added benefits on each stay. You can also speed up the process by purchasing points to reach the next level.
  • Redeem your points anytime.
Voyage Benefits:
Level 1 – ‘Traveller’ Level 2 – ‘Nomad’ Level 3 – ‘Explorer’
Free 100 USD or 50 Points 600 USD or 250 Points
Every 100 USD spent: Collect 1USD or 1 point Every 100 USD spent: Collect 3USD or 3 points Every 100 USD spent: Collect 5USD or 5 points
Get cash back on every booking 1% 3% 5%
Monthly newsletter and offers in avant-premiere
VIP Welcome at any property from your second stay onwards
Travel Concierge at your service Dedicated
New member property special deals
Kim’s Explorer Medallion Welcome Pack
One complimentary experience offered during each stay
Farewell Gift at departure for every stay
Points are valid for 2 years

How to redeem your points?
1. Stay: discount from any Stay at any Secret Retreats property for bookings made via our concierge
2. Enjoy: redeem points for food, beverages, spa or any activity at Secret Retreats properties
3. Care: donate an amount to a sustainable program supported by Secret Retreats Properties and help local communities and environment conservation. Top up: For every 10 points given to any cause, Secret Retreats will add another 2 points.

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