The Visionaries

Planetary stewards, and connoisseurs of the finer things in life, each engaging property owner ensures every guest is treated to an authentic cultural and historical experience that showcases the land in which they dwell. Read below to learn more about the visionaries that set the scene behind some of the finest boutique residences, hotels and boats in Asia.

Andrew and Marit Miners
Misool Eco Resort, Indonesia

Andrew and Marit Miners are the visionaries behind Misool Eco Resort, a Diving and Conservation Centre situated on a remote island in the southern part of Raja Ampat in Indonesia . . .
Lamphoune Voravongsa
Satri House, Laos

Lamphoune Voravongsa is the owner and visionary behind Satri House, a colonial mansion built in 1904. Born in Laos, but exiled to France at a young age, Lamphoune returned to her roots 30 years later . . .
Young Hwan Ahn
RakKoJae, Korea

Young H Ahn is a Master Carpenter and Human National Treasure whose passion and personal love for Korea’s traditional Hanok led him to start South Korea’s first traditional home experience in the early 1990s.
Dileep Singh Rathore
Talabgaon Castle, India

Born and raised in Jaipur, Dileep Singh Rathore established his film career early on, working on international features such as Ajooba and City of Joy, Blood Diamond, The Way Back and The Dark Knight Rises...
Jean-Paul Duvergé
Muang La Resort, Laos

Hemmed in between Vietnam, China, Myanmar, Thailand and Cambodia, Laos has kept its multiple cultural identity through its various ethnic groups and its natural and architectural heritage.
Anhar Setjadibrata
Tugu Hotels, Indonesia

Anhar Setjadibrata is the quintessential modern Renaissance Man. In addition to being a hotelier, he is also a physician, lawyer, and more importantly, the owner of a priceless collection...
Marcus Cotton and Jhalak Raj Chaudhar
Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge

The Lodge has a long history, going back to the late 1950s when an icon of Nepal Tourism, Lt. Col. Jimmy Roberts (Gurkha officer, war hero, climber...