Best place to immerse in Hahoe culture and to see “Rope fireworks” up close

This small very well equipped traditional guesthouse in the traditional village is next to the river where we saw the spectacular “Rope fireworks” for the first time in our life. This village can be reached by public bus from Andong or a 30 minute taxi ride. Andong is very well connected to all major cities […]

Charming and peaceful

Although we’ve stayed at Japanese ryokan many times, this was our first experience of a hanok stay, and it didn’t disappoint. Same warm welcome (with a cup of green tea and a wedge of apple), same simple aesthetics and same temptingly snug futon-like mattresses on the floor. What was different? The ondol underfloor heating, which […]

Escape and Peacefulness in a Traditional Setting

Staying in this Hanok and also in Hahoe Village is for those who wish to spend time in a quiet village, which essentially closes down by 6 pm. The Hanok is traditional with outdoor space for breakfast, which was a choice of traditional Korean or Continental — on your own for dinner so consider bringing […]

Lovely hanok stay.

Getting to stay in Hahoe village was lovely experience. We got the dinner package and were not disappointed with the quality and service of the entire stay. Plus, the bathroom was one of the nicest I saw on my entire 3-week travels through Korea and Japan. Since there’s very little to do in the village […]

Charming traditional Korean guesthouse

We stayed here for one night. Don’t be scared off by sleeping on the floor. While the outside is traditional, the inside is modern with a wooden soaking tub jacuzzi. Don’t miss the Korean sauna in a room filled with lavender. They give you a “pajama” to wear in the sauna. Breakfast was a choice […]

Idyllic location, friendly service and a cat to play with :-)

“Super location at the edge of the Hahoe village, this hotel offers a unique opportunity to experience lodging in traditional Korean style, though with some modern amenities coming along. Upon arriving the hostess offers tea or juice and asks you what time you’d like to have breakfast the next morning and wether that would be […]

Like a Hyatt in Hahoe

The accommodation lived up to all expectations as it was luxurious***. The bedding, to be laid on the warm ondol floor, consisted of a mattress and blanket. The quality and thickness of both were excellent and we slept well on both nights. The attached bathroom was a real bonus – traditionally bathrooms were in a […]

A Real “Korean” Experience in a Lovely Setting

Let me start by saying that the Hahoe Village is very much worth seeing in the first place. Only about 200 families live there and the architecture is 100% authentic and historic. Nestled in a river bend, it’s also a must to drive to the top of a set of cliffs opposite the village for […]