Our Community

Our home is your home. Refuges for the soul, each of our isolated, calming retreats has an invisible line that seamlessly connects them to one another—taste, discretion, refinement, and a passion for their place. Each is like a refined dish waiting to be savoured.

Often secluded and at times evoking a feeling akin to being on the edge of the world, discretion in our private domains mirrors exceptional beauty and tranquillity. Our hidden Asian jewels are an awakening to a new dimension—a different way to see the world.

Conveying the beauty of life in its bare simplicity with no artifice, no additives—our properties encompass a marriage of a place and people. Found in idyllic locations, they not only convey a message, they also represent the taste of a culture, replete with rich traditions and wondrous gastronomy.

Artisans of life, each owner in his own individual and unique manner showcases his country’s most precious gifts, its singular diversity. Shunning traditional hospitality experiences, they all wish to welcome guests in unconventional and wondrous ways, share a bit of their history and knowledge.
Beckoning sensitive souls to abandon themselves in both body and soul in captivating havens that reflect the pure essence and inner spirit of Asia—embark on a magnificent voyage with us.