One of the greatest pleasures of travel is the opportunity to explore and enjoy new cuisines and food travel doesn’t get more exciting or more flavoursome than in Asia.

Many Asian cultures can almost be defined by their cuisine, food and dining plays a rich part in all their daily lives, it is more than mere sustenance there are dishes for every occasion and opportunities to dine at every turn of the road, 24hours a day.

Let Secret Retreats’ Concierge guide you on a journey across Asia’s tables and enjoy the ultimate foodie experiences Asia has to offer…

Arumdalu Private Resort

Belitung, Indonesia

Belitung Gastronomy Tour
2 Nights / 3 Days
Starting price from 1,985 USD for 2

Slow Villas

Gili (Lombok), Indonesia

Handicraft & Cooking Class
2 nights/3 days
from 275 EUR/person (based on 2 persons sharing the same villa)

Jing's Residence

Pingyao, China

Jing's Treasure
3 nights / 4 days
Starting price from 1,582 CNY/person (based on 2 persons sharing the same room)



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Jing's Treasure, Jing's Residence

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Nimmu House

Kashmir - Ladakh, India

Secret Asia
2 nights/3 days
from 21,000 INR/person (based on 2 persons sharing the same room)