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The Balinese New Year and a Time to Reflect in Silence – Secret’s Out #173

     Nyepi: Bali’s New Year’s Day of Complete Silence  This year, the Balinese celebration of Nyepi (Day of Silence) commemorating Isakawarsa (Saka new year) fell on Wednesday, March 25th. The main purpose of Nyepi Day is to pray for the purification of humanity, earth, and the universe, something very much needed during this time. […]

It’s Time to Unlock More of Asia’s Secrets! (Part 2) – Secret’s Out #172

     Proudly Introducing – More Amazing Secret Retreats Members   Even in these difficult times for travel, the Secret Retreats community is getting stronger than ever, with 20 new members added to our collection. This week, we have unveiled 10 new fascinating restaurants, astonishing cruises and remarkable experiences in corners of this captivating continent […]

The Perks of Travelling Now – Secret’s Out # 171

     AGAINST ALL ODDS, WOULDN’T NOW BE THE BEST TIME TO TRAVEL?   For over 3 months now, first China, then the rest of the world has been facing and fighting this new virus COVID-19. Petrified and not always receiving accurate information, we have modified our lives, stopped travelling and even stopped going out […]

Starry, Starry Night – Our Top Destinations for Stargazing in Asia – Secret’s Out #170

     Eight of the Top Stargazing Destinations in Asia   When was the last time you looked up at the night sky and saw a sea of countless stars? I think you would agree that there is nothing quite like spending the night under a blanket of a thousand twinkling stars! Despite the rapid […]

It’s Time to Unlock More of Asia’s Secrets! (Part 1) – Secret’s Out #169

     Proudly Introducing the New Secret Retreats Members   We are more than happy to announce that Secret Retreats recently unveiled 20 new hotels, cruises and restaurants around Asia. They are now available for booking! Connecting the best of Asia’s independent accommodation, cruise and culinary offerings, our curated collection of experiences provides you with […]

A Journey to Mend a Broken Heart – Secret’s Out #168

    Getaways for the Brokenhearted   Break ups can be tough and most of us probably have or will experience heartbreak at one point in our lives. Everyone has their own way of coping with a break-up. Some bury their sorrows in sad song playlists on repeat, some drown their aching heart in booze, […]

Our Pick of the Most Scenic Places to Enjoy Romantic Cocktails for Two – Secret’s Out #167

     Charming Destinations to Woo Your Date   Since February is the month of love and tomorrow is Valentine’s Day it is the perfect time for you to shower your other half with love and attention. Of course, a charming dinner is surely a must and what could be better than a perfect drink […]

Top 10 Bird Watching Destinations in South East Asia… – Secret’s Out #166

     The Secret Retreats Top 10 Destinations for Bird Watching in South East Asia   Our Asian destinations are blessed with an incredible variety of birds that make birdwatching an amazing experience that can be enjoyed by the whole family. While you observe birds in their natural habitats, but you can also soak up […]

Most Romantic Places for Marriage Proposal or Wedding Vows Renewal… – Secret’s Out #165

     Celebrate the Coming Up Valentine’s Day at these Romantic Destinations   When it comes to expressing love, nothing beats Valentine’s day. Of course, you don’t have to wait a year long to express your love to your significant other because you can do that any and every day. But, on an occasion like […]

Celebrating Chinese New Year Through Peranakan Culture in South East Asia – Secret’s Out #164

    China’s Cultural Influence in Southeast Asia    We can’t deny China’s influence in Asia. Chinese culture and traditions are found all over the continent and perhaps most evidently in Southeast Asia where 2nd and 3rd generation Chinese immigrants maintain a strong connection with their Chinese heritage and culture. Chinese New Year, also known […]

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