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Explore New Secret Retreats & Secret Tables – Secret’s Out #134

    Discover new hidden gems with Secret Retreats     Get your passport ready – introducing new Secret Retreats and Secret Tables to explore in Thailand, India and Indonesia. From a historic palace on the Ganges River in the sacred city of Varanasi to nature inspired cuisine in Chiang Mai, these new members invite […]

The Secrets of the Mystic Mekong – Secret’s Out #133

    Discover more along the Mekong River   More than just a river, the Mekong has been Indochina’s vital lifeblood for centuries. As the seventh longest river in the world, the Mekong begins from its headwaters in the Tibetan Plateau to the South China Sea. The banks of the river carry stories of both […]

Sustainable and Responsible Travel with Secret Retreats – Secret’s Out #132

    Wanderlust with Care    If you are deciding to adopt a sustainable tourism ethos, be inspired by members of Secret Retreats who share your concern for our big beautiful world. At Secret Retreats we believe in responsible, sustainable tourism, from commitments to reducing energy consumption to pioneering tours and activities designed to give […]

Green Season Getaways in Cambodia & Laos – Secret’s Out #131

    Soak Up Southeast Asia’s Green Season   Southeast Asia’s green season from June to October brings refreshing rains and cool breezes that make travelling in the region a surprising delight. During this lush time of the year, curious travellers can visit popular sites with fewer crowds all against a backdrop of white fluffy […]

Cruise to the heart of Thai culture – Secret’s Out #130

    Journey Along Thailand’s Ancient Waterways   For centuries, Thais have depended on the country’s network of rivers and canals to sustain life and allow transportation. After the fall of Ayutthaya, Siam’s third capital of Bangkok was founded along the banks of the Chao Phraya River due to the area’s fertile soil and watery […]

Adventurous Experiences Await in Sri Lanka – Secret’s Out #129

    A Rich Variety of Experiences Await you in Sri Lanka   Sri Lanka, an island paradise of natural wonders, is rich in its diverse collection of cultures, people, landscapes, and nature. The traveler is welcomed with an abundance of choice to experience the island’s rich variety from glamping in the National Parks and […]

Where to explore the beauty of Indonesia’s incredible cuisine – Secret’s Out #128

    Discover Indonesia’s Best Locally-Sourced Cuisine    Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago with more than 17,500 islands. As far as local ingredients go, that’s an unparalleled array of choice and diversity for in-the-know chefs. At Secret Tables, we have handpicked three of the best restaurants in the country that specialise in using only […]

These secret heritage stays will take you back in time… – Secret’s Out #127

    Experience Nights at the Museum Hotels   Take a journey back in time… Learn the true essence of Asia through its antiques, art, artefacts and architecture by staying the night at these museum-worthy heritage hotels.         Tugu Bali   Hotel Tugu Bali presents the most romantic tales, folklores and legends […]

Even More Hotel & Restaurant Pairings – Secret’s Out #126

    Pair your stay with the perfect meal   In the past few weeks, we’ve covered hotel and restaurant pairings in Bangkok, Laos and Cambodia. This week marks our final instalment of perfect pairings with a Secret Retreat (left) and a nearby Secret Table (right) in Bali and beyond.       Penang, Malaysia […]

Secret Tables Spice Up Ubud Food Festival 2019 – Secret’s Out #125

    Serious Eats in Bali   With the theme ‘Spice Up the World’, Ubud Food Festival, happening every year in Bali, challenges chefs and restaurants to serve up events rich in culinary heritage this 26th – 28th April 2019. Heading to the festival? Don’t miss these highlighted programmes with Secret Table Chefs. (And check […]

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