Secret Retreats & eOasia partnership


For Immediate Release, 8 June 2016  


Secret Retreats and eOasia partner to facilitate booking experiential hotels and activities across Asia



These 2 young start-up companies have a lot in common:

  • Both were founded 4 years ago
  • Both are headquartered in Singapore
  • Both focus on unique experiences within Asia
  • Both are managed by French Directors, Stephane Junca for Secret Retreats and Guillaume Picard for eOasia

Secret Retreats hunts for unique small properties filled with charm and eOasia hunts for activities that allow guests to better discover Asia.

Secret Retreats Mrauk U – Myanmar

The Secret Retreats collection now comprises 75 beautiful boutique properties across the region, which showcase a unique range of luxury offerings including hotels, lodges, camps, cruises, villas, and restaurants. The collection focuses on authentic travel experiences and high-end quality, coupled with a commitment towards sustainability/eco-tourism.


It was natural for Secret Retreats to partner with eOasia, an online booking platform that caters to guests needs’ around Asia. All the tours, activities and transportation services listed have been tried and tested first-hand by eOasia’s passionate team who are based in different Asian countries.

eOAsia culture tour in Kyoto


For every destination page on www.secret-retreats.com there will now be a selection of activities available in the area that can be booked immediately on eOasia’s platform.


Picard: “We Are eOasia – A team that strongly believes that a big part of living comes from the departure into unknown lands. At the heart of our company lies a group of travel enthusiasts, eager to share the knowledge they have acquired from their trips in hopes that guests will embark on these life-changing experiences, too.”


His echo, Junca adds: “All the hosts behind each Secret Retreats are genuinely sharing their passion for their land, culture, gastronomy or traditions. This is key to genuine Asian hospitality and helps to create memorable experiences for our guests”.


So, together, eOasia and Secret Retreats have come up with a new and ideal way to offer unique experiences for those in search of hidden gems.


For reservations, please contact Secret Retreats at dream@secret-retreats.com .

For press, please contact media@secret-retreats.com .


About Secret Retreats 
Secret Retreats is a collection of unique properties (boutique hotels, villas, boats and restaurants) throughout Asia. It is a community built by independent owners and chefs to share resources and ideas. Together, we offer our guests authentic travel experiences to the very heart of Asian culture and traditions. Our owners are vibrant advocates of their surroundings with the generosity to share special moments with travellers who are curious to experience and discover the “essence of Asia”. http://www.secret-retreats.com


About eOasia
We are exploration nomads who love travelling and words, and we constantly feature and update our experiences on our blog and activity deals page. With the help of our employees who are constantly on the road scouting for new adventures and liaising with activity suppliers from different regions, all our activities are current and up-to-date. Browse through our website for activities that cater to a wide range of tastes. http://www.eoasia.com

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