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Are you looking to invest in the hotel business in Asia? The hospitality industry offers excellent investment opportunities and faster returns than many other industries in Asia. A hotel not only generates income, it is also an asset that grows in value year on year. Our diverse Secret Retreat community is a collection of hotels with unique characteristics, which are situated in a wide array of geographical locations throughout Asia.

A group of young, dynamic, Asian hotel owners…
A network of hotels, boats, and restaurants.
Established in 2012, Secret Retreats comprises five brands (Secret Retreats/Cruises/Inns/Villas/Tables) with approximately 70 members. We are the first and only network that specialises in places filled with charm found exclusively in Asia. Located in 14 countries, they span from India and Japan to Korea and Indonesia. Although various international groups also present charming hotels, they nevertheless remain generalised. No one else can offer our expertise and knowledge like our founders who have been present in Asia for over 20 years.

Steady growth and big potential. Since 2012, and after more than 75 inspection visits and nominations, the number of Secret Retreats hotel members has more than doubled with an average of 15-20 new members accepted each year. Certain countries and regions, however, still need to be explored more including India, Sri Lanka, China, Mongolia, Japan ... Many hotels currently under development as well as ongoing projects are additional opportunities that need to be monitored.

Should you wish to join us as we grow and are interested in learning more about specific hotel projects in Asia, please contact Stephane Junca, Managing Director of Secret Retreats at