Three Stars or 3 Hats….. in our books

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“””The obvious is that which is never seen until someone expresses it simply”” – Kahlil Gibran. This perfectly sums up what Darren Teoh and his team at Dewakan are doing. I profess guilty to being surrounded with these wonderful ingredients and yet be clueless as to their potential. Darren is taking these humble ingredients, injecting playful creativity and reintroducing them into the fore where they belong. Here one can expect to have boundaries challenged, pushed and yet moulded into familiarity. In this off the beaten path kitchen, flavours and textures are being routinely forged. Whilst I appreciate that everyone has their own personal opinion of good food, I suggest preconceptions be left at the door.

This is my second visit to Dewakan and once again I leave in awe of mother natures bounty in the hands of a true maestro.