This is an experience, not just a meal

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“We weren’t sure about going as we are not normally into the fine dining scene, but the reviews of Locavore swayed us to give it a go. OMG – it was fantastic. What an experience! We sat along the open kitchen where we could watch and talk to the chefs – I highly recommend doing so if you can as it really added to our experience.

We went for the 7 course degustation (non-vegetarian) accompanied by matching cocktails. We also had 2 cocktails off the menu before we started and these were delicious and not lacking in alcohol. I had one with passion fruit and rum and it was sensational.

Along with the 7 course degustation there was a multitude of amuse bouche served – I think in the vicinity of 8 or 9 extra little surprises. We left feeling very satisfied, but not overstuffed.

Now – on to the food and drinks themselves. The whole repertoire was simply bursting with flavour. We were amazed at how much flavour could be packed into small amounts of food. Each thing we had was unique and interesting. The cocktails were very well matched with the food. Even though I would not order some of the cocktails left to my own devices, they went very very well with the food served. Similarly, there were foods I would not necessarily order (such as ox tongue) but that was all part of the adventure and there was nothing I didn’t eat.

I also loved the imagination behind the food. For example, one dish was called “”into the rice paddy”” and the chef explained that it had all the things in it from the rice paddy that one could eat – duck egg, heritage rice, frogs, snails and wildflowers. We actually discovered in the course of the day that there are many flowers and decorative leaves that could be eaten.

We were there for almost 3 hours and it went by in a flash. We were kept engaged in the experience the whole time (helped by sitting at the kitchen I think). I am very happy to report that Locavore is non – smoking – MASSIVE THUMBS UP. Apart from the fact others’ smoke blocks our sinuses etc, there is no way you could serve this quality of food in a smoke-filled atmosphere.

This kind of experience doesn’t come cheap but we loved it and would highly recommend it. If you can, book before you get to Bali (through their website). We had 2 weeks in Ubud in shoulder season and could not get in for dinner, but managed a lunch.

Thank you Locavore for a great afternoon and a real adventure.”