The best charming hotel with luxurious and personalized rooms

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We stayed here for 14 days to have time to enjoy one temple a day (and no more). I loved the atmosphere of this samll hotel, each room has a different decoration and character associated with the name of the room. You feel like home. The staff has been very hepfull and kind all along our stay. The price really worth the reservation. My favorite room is Fu Nan, a private pavillion with a very large living room and a small charming terrace. Then my second favourite is Doudart de Lagree (number 3) on the ground foor. What hotel provide a room with “bois de rose” desk or table ???? I love the idea of an “alcove”, you don’t find that anymore in a house and less in any hotel as luxurious they can be. For me luxurious means special attention, charming architecture and decoration and good service. That’s what Samar villa is. I do not agree with some bad reviews. We stayed in 3 different rooms, we felt the temperature absolutely perfect; we are in a tropical country we don’t want to live in a fridge with closed doors and windows.