take me back to the 4rivers where the everything is green and the staff is pretty…awesome

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“Never would I ever have expected to find a 5* service in such a remote place. It is so remote that after you step on the boat in Tatai village, you won`t set foot on land for days. And that is mostly because the resort is 100% floating. Which makes it even more awesome.
The staff there is simply amazing. The kind of service you would get in a top quality hotel in Europe. They will attend carefully to your every need. Even though you won`t need much being there. You are surrounded by a clean river and the river is surrounded by untouched jungle. Maybe one of the last virgin forests in Cambodia and the whole world. You can take a kayak and discover for yourself, or take the guided tours to the waterfall or to the mangrove forest. You can read books, swim in your own huge river kind of pool and enjoy the delicious food carefully prepared by the Filipino chef.
Oh, and one more thing. Maybe the most important one. If you are into protecting the environment and having an eco holiday, this is the place for you. The management there is going over their head to keep almost everything clean. And by that I mean not polluting. The garbage bags are biodegradable, most of the buildings are made from recycled materials or using a clean technology, they strive to use mostly solar power, and even the toiletries that they provide are specially made not to disrupt the balance of the surrounding ecosystems.
To sum it up, it`s a gem, one of a kind. It`s a floating heaven.”