Villa Song Saigon: "Elegant oasis"

Review by: SuzMitch | Source: Trip Advisor
Villa Song is just wonderful. It's a beautiful spot. So elegant and really peaceful. The decor is fabulous and the customer service really excellent! Getting dropped into the city by speed boat was a really nice experience too. Would not hesitate to recommend this place to others.

Rak Ko Jae Seoul: "Rakkojae first 3 nights, Ritz Carlton last 2 nights. Cried the last 2 nights"

Review by: TheHungryHawaiian | Source: Trip Advisor
"Out of selfishness, I wish I could keep the Rakkojae a secret and post the stay as poorly managed, noisy, and uncomfortable. Or maybe that the Rakkojae reminded me of a fake Hollywood set for a Korean drama. Or better yet, that Rakkojae is located in a completely inconvenient location with zero access to historic areas and their iconic shop-filled alleys. Selfishness loses this one. The host was too nice to ever wish anything bad for them. Take everything stated and translate each into their polar opposite. That's Rakkojae. The stay carries a physical and emotional warmth that can't be described without using the word ""home."" A super nice, quiet home with heated jade floors, and served breakfasts causing one to reflect upon why one needs energy and brain robbing sweet carbos to start the day. How about fresh rice, cured fish, panchon with amazing kimchi, rice porridge tea and a different secret dessert every day. The Location If you arrive in the evening, your cab driver will wonder if your address is correct. Once you take a final turn down a narrow alley, you'll also begin wondering if you missed a digit on your address. But it's oh, sooo right. Once you start walking to any of the sights, you'll realize how perfect the location is for walking everywhere. Moreover, it's close enough to the subway for jaunts into the city. In the main city or otherwise, the street food alleys will help you regain your faith in the idea of street food. Unique, scrumptious, and absolutely no digestive drama -- other than various self-induce triggers from over-indulging. Kids OK? I have a feeling that if you have more than one child (we had our lone 8 yr old), and/or if your kids are typically loud and excitable, you might feel self-conscious because Rakkojae and the area is very quiet. The people are too nice to reject you for this, but you will be aware of how loud you actually can be. Ahhh. Peace and quiet. It's the price we parents often pay for having our bundles of joy. In fact, in the historic residential area you'll see more ""keep quiet"" signs than you'll ever see in a dozen libraries. It's not that kids can't run amok with joy, laughter while screaming their bloody lungs with excitement, but perhaps limited ""happy drama"" on the Rakkojae premises will allow one to blend-in a bit. Frankly, our child had no interest in running and screaming amok on site. It's so beautiful and peaceful that even a kid can feel odd belting the lyrics to Moana at 11p under such peaceful conditions. She saved it later for the streets. Sorry Seoul. Our last days at the Ritz Carlton in Seoul were fine. But all of us would have traded it all to move back to Rakkojae in a heartbeat. Go. I'm Hawaiian, so I don't promise anything, but the Rakkojae is a stay that will become part of your memory of the trip vs. merely being a cool place because they have bounce rooms for kids, mini bars and lots of people you could have met at some function back home. MOAAana!"

The Village House: "A diamond in the middle of nowhere"

Review by: Serendipiti | Source:
We stayed here to enjoy a relaxed couple of days after a demanding tour theough malaysia and Borneo and though we have stayed at some of the fanciest and most luxurios hotels in the world we have to admit that the village house is one of the best accomodations we have stayed at. Sure it isn't a five star hotel with such amenities as flat screen tv's, tennis courts, jacuzzis and sorts but it makes up for it by being charming, romantic and being well taken care of. The house itself is as beautiful as it gets and gives you a 'home' feeling right from the start. You are welcomed by the manager herself and she takes care of your every need. If there is anything just let her know and she will find a way to wirl it out for you. Sort of like a good spirit. The girls are really nice as well and take good care of the facilities. The rooms are very well maintained and will be cleaned up twice daily. The food is (compared to malaysian standards) a bit pricey (but compared to western standards still ok) but soooo worth it! We can barely remember having had better asian food than the local Bidayuh cuisine. True, there isn't much you can do or explore around the village house but if you plan on a relaxing couple of days by the pool, maybe read a book then this is the place to go. My husband still claims its 'the best hotel/b&b i've ever stayed at'. We simply loved it!!

Chakrabongse Villas: "Chakrabongse Villa – Royalty @ the Chao Phraya River"

Review by: Jacomo50 | Source:
"I was there for the 4th. tme in several years and it get's even better ! Chakrabongse Villa lies in my favourite part of the old city. Situated on the Rattanakosin Island @ walking distance from the pulsing food and flower market of BKK - Phak Klong Talad. Chakrabongse Villa is a very distinguished and stylised Boutique hotel and restaurant almost opposite the famous Wat Arun. The setting is gorgeous, the food is Thai and of course a little bit farang-style, but over all. To have dinner here with your friends or family is a real experience. The staff is very friendly, The wine-list could be bigger and at the end you just have to try it to to ad another experience to your life."

Sandat Glamping Tents: "Simply stunning"

Review by: Cmarie0001 | Source: Trip Advisor
"Booked this place for 3 nights to celebrate our anniversary and am so happy i did. From the booking process and choosing the room with all details the process was super smooth. The reservations lady was very helpful and offered us a beautifully decorated room with a complimentary couples massage. The resort is the most romantic place ever, very quiet with your own plunge pool overseeing the forest which was magical. As its ""tent"" you can hear the rain and insects at night which made the experience even more amazing. The staff were very kind and keen on attending to all our needs. Would definitely recommend this place to all couples traveling to Bali."

Muang La Lodge: "Accueil exceptionnel"

Review by: PLLLavaux | Source: Trip Advisor
Two fantastic days in quiet (so that we remained asleep despite the programming of a tour!) Pay attention at all times to us, an absolute detail care, fine dining, baths at 40 degrees. .. From relaxation pure!

The Governor’s House: "Relaxing place into a colonial house"

Review by: joanbabot | Source:
"Cute 3-floors colonial house with a nice pool in the back of the hotel including chill-out terrace. 8 rooms only makes you feel like ""at home"". Room no. 1, next to the pool to be recommended. If you are lazy to go out, try restaurant. Notice choice of dishes at excellent quality at very affordable prices. I would recommend this hotel for short stays to PP traveling with friends or couples."

Mathis Retreat: "Relaxing in Ubud’s rice fields"

Review by: Seb m | Source: Trip Advisor
Excellent hotel where Karin's staff will welcome you after a long or short journey to Ubud. Beautifull and well equiped rooms with great bath & nice shower. Very comfy bed. Outside asthonishing view, beautiful swimming pool, delicious resto, what elso do you need ?

Tugu Malang: "The WOW factor"

Review by: Patricia H | Source:
This hotel is an absolute delight. My room was wonderful with lots of lovely touches. The staff were everything you could want----polite, friendly and helpful. Their pride in their "workplace" was evident. Breakfast and evening meals were excellent. The afternoon tea was a real treat. If you are not fortunate enough to stay in this amazing hotel with its collection of treasures you must visit at least for a tour.

Neeleshwar Hermitage: "Idyllic stay"

Review by: Rachel R | Source: Trip Advisor
The perfect place to relax for 2-3 days at the end of a holiday in India. Very comfortable and spacious bungalows set widely apart in landscaped grounds right next to the Arabian Sea. The sea was rough while we were there so we took advantage of the pool area instead, which was quiet and peaceful - some of the bungalows were unoccupied but I don't imagine the hotel is ever noisy/busy. This is a place to relax and unwind. The staff were very helpful and friendly, and we appreciated little touches like the leaving gifts and the postcard that arrived for my birthday 4 months later! Will definitely visit again one day.