Misool delivers

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“This was my fifth dive trip to Indonesia. There is no way around the brutal flight schedule. From North America, I had 5 flights there and 6 flights to return. I highly recommend flying in the front of the plane to cushion the blow and getting to Jakarta or Bali a day or 2 early.
The property itself is amazing. It is built from driftwood and native materials. I was in Water Cottage 3 and it was awesome. This is not just a resort, there is outreach, research and patrolling of the no-take zone going on here. Marit and Andrew really created something very special. I have a lot of respect for their vision and the patience it probably took to get the resort up and running.
There were 2 presentations when I was there. One on the manta research going on and one on how Misool was built. They were both excellent.
The massage services were excellent. For a topside excursion I went to Jellyfish Lake…which I think should be renamed Jellyfish Swamp. I’m not into mud and ants crawling all over me but some people appeared to enjoy the experience.
I did this trip as a solo diver. If you are considering going solo, trust me you make friends fast.
BTW…Raja Ampat has current and full moon equals strong current.”

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