Lovely setting, great service, amazing food

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“Me and my fiance spent two nights here and it was great. The staff was wonderful, very attentive and happy to help with anything you need. The setting was beautiful and felt authentically Thai, my only complaint would be that the shower was very utilitarian, just a head and in a stucco rectangular room which made leg shaving difficult. Also, there were some small bugs in the shower. Though the shower did add to the authenticity of the hotel.

But the real highlight here was the food. When we first arrived we ordered a ton and each dish was more delish than the last, the menu has Thai, Indian, European, and American options so were not expecting it to be particularly good because the menu was so diverse but every thing was presented beautifully and was gourmet. There were also an impressive number of vegetarian options and a vegetarian portion of the menu.

Skip the spa. There are much cheaper options and the service was unremarkable.

Rachamankha is Thai serenity at it finest.”